Mazar-I-Shariff X Mazar-I-Shariff Regular Cannabis Seeds


Minimum order of 3 seeds….$19.50

Mazar I Shariff X Mazar I Shariff is a cross between two separate lines of this amazing landrace strain.

This will create a landrace strain that will exhibit hybrid vigor, for healthy, fast-growing, large plants.

Get ready for serious Indica couch-lock from this landrace strain.


Mazar i Shariff X Mazar i Shariff is the crossing of two different lines of this landrace Indica. These plants originated in the northern reaches of Afghanistan.

This charas cultivar is known as the Indica Giant Height and can reach heights of 3-4 meters, which is tall for a landrace Indica.

This large pure Indica Landrace cannabis strain will exhibit the classic wide leaf Indica look, whose buds will be intensely pungent, with a classic Afghani taste and smell.

This is the Indica strain that is grown in its native area to produce the legendary Afghani hash know as ‘Shirak-i-Mazar’ or ‘Milk of Mazar.’ Overindulge and you will experience a mind-warping, nearly narcotic, immobilizing effect….you will melt into the couch

Flower time can be long (8-9 weeks) but well worth it. Mazar-i-Sharif can be a very hard strain to find pure, so don?t miss out on this one.


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