Narkush Regular Cannabis Seeds


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Narkush is a great strain developed by Seedsman. This pure Indica strain is sure to please, easy to grow, and a stone that will have you begging for more!

A strain that is sure to please!

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The Narkush Cannabis Strain is a pure Indica landrace strain from the Seedsman.

The Narkush strain is the result of breeding two separate plants, both from the Hindu Kush Mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan (one of the ‘homes’ of a pure Indica strain) . This will result in a pure Indica plant that will likely exhibit hybrid vigor.

This plant works great in a sea of green arrangement, but care must be taken as the strain is somewhat susceptible to molds, especially during the flowering phase.

Narkush grows in the classic Christmas tree shape of many of the Indica verities.

The Narkush Cannabis strain grows with broad Indica type of leaves.

When grown well the plants become very resinous, with crystals on most leaves, and even on some of the stems. And having been grown for many years in the premier hash producing countries of the world this comes as no surprise.

Get ready for a pure Indica kind of stone as well, a very heavy, almost narcotic effect that will have you become one with the couch. Needless to say, great for treating insomnia, stress, and anxiety.




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