Roxanne Regular Cannabis Seed



Roxanne, [Cannatonic ( ACDC ) X Black Rose] is a mostly Sativa hybrid with a touch of Indica from Rich Kehrer that really rocks! Being a CBD F2 cross, there will be a few different phenos that can produce high CBD to high THC, with an average of about 25% being high CBD, about 50% finishing with a 1.1 ratio, and about 25% of them being high THC low CBD.  Most seem to be purple phenos (about 75%) and 25% finish as green phenos. You can expect low to medium yields. Roxanne is very great for pain relief, gastrointestinal issues, AIDS, stress, ADD, Also good for PTSD.

Flowering period is 7-9 weeks. Outdoors, she finishes in early October.


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