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Rusty Glue Cannabis Strain is a mostly Indica strain that will leave you so stoned you may just drift off to sleep! Great meds for conditions that are helped by deep relaxation, and sleep. This plant is easy to grow and very forgiving-hardy.


Rusty Glue Cannabis Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid developed again but the breeders at New 420 Guys Seeds. Rusty Glue is the result of crossing the purple pheno of Rusty OG with Jedi Glue.

Rusty Glue is a potent Indica dominant hybrid and grows great both indoors or out.

Medical cannabis users will find this cannabis strain to be very helpful for a variety of conditions, with its deep couch-lock high. The high hits you immediately, and then just continues to grow, till you are nearly one with that couch! Very soothing, and relaxing.

This cannabis strain tastes spicy, with that sweet kush, earthy,? aftertaste. The kush lineage is strong with this one!

Rusty Glue comes in at 30%+ THC. Very frosty, very potent! The plants can get BIG outdoors in the sun, hell they want to get big indoors as well. An easy, vigorous plant to grow. Forgiving and not prone to powdery mildew.

This strain with its highly medicinal Indica dominate stone is great meds for insomnia, stress, anxiety, PTSD, pain, and nausea.

The flowering period is about 8 to 9 weeks.

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Characteristics of Rusty Glue Cannabis:

  • Genetics: Hybrid…Rusty OG X Jedi Glue
  • Variety: Indica Dominate Hybrid Cannabis Strain
  • Type: Mostly Indica
  • Flowering: 8-9 weeks
  • Yield: large indoors, and out
  • Harvest: runs into late October outdoors in the northern hemisphere
  • Morphology: Plant looks like an Indica
  • Type Of Grow: Great for getting BIG outdoors
  • THC level: 30%+
  • Characteristics: Sweet and potent strain, good mold resistance
  • Effects: Ultimate couch-lock!
  • Availability: Single seed
  • Indoor: Yes
  • outdoor: Yes
  • Medicinal: Yes
  • Symptom relief: stress, nausea, PTSD, Insomnia,




2 reviews for Rusty Glue Regular Cannabis Seeds

  1. jon.richmond (verified owner)

    Good, quality strain! Grows well outside in Central Michigan. Responds great to defoliation, and lolipopping. Grows big, heavy buds and the plants must be staked and trellis netting used. Mine fell over from heavy rainfall, but bounced right back after I stood it back up and put a trellis net and a couple of stakes in the ground for support. Strong Lemon Cleaner smell during flowering. Great yield, great smoke, easy growing. Rusty Glue is a winner all around. Outdoor harvest-late Oct………Indoor harvest-10 to 12 weeks flowering time.

  2. 19Deltafarms (verified owner)

    Ive still got like 6 weeks of flower left she just stopped the final stretch and is setting out her buds and ive gotta say every single leaf is already so covered in trichs the leave s look covered in fur kinda and smells like a bucket of rusty tools soaked in Diesel fuel its a very pleasant smell would make a killer mens cologne lol!!

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