Sour Patch CBD Regular Seed



Sour Patch CBD from Seattle Chronic is a cross between Super Sour CBD f5 (Sour Brasi x Sour D x Sour Brasi) x Sour CBD Grenades) and my Sweet and Sour Widow x Mango CBD. Plant finishes in 8-10 weeks and has dense fat nugs that smell similar to a sour patch kid dipped in gas. Tastes Sweet and Sour with a Mango and berry taste. Almost like a mouth full of sour patch kids but the smell wreaks of sour gas and funky fruit. Plant responds well to multi-topping, LST , stretches 2-3 in flower. Does well in most climates. It is great for pain relief, gastrointestinal issues, AIDS, stress, and ADD. Also good for PTSD. ​
– Robert “Rab” Stuberg


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