The Force Regular Cannabis Seeds

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Minimum Order of 3 Seeds…$13.50

Just so you know these seeds are a bit immature, but, I have test germinated these several times with close to 100% success every time. So don’t let that deter you, as this is an awesome plant that exhibits excellent hybrid vigor….and the price won’t break the bank.

The Force….is a force to be reckoned with! And, may the Force be with you….I grew these seeds personally. The Force is a very strong, vigorous plant. Exhibited excellent hybrid vigor. Grown outdoors they could get huge, and impressive. An easy plant to grow.


The Force cannabis strain is a well-rounded hybrid, 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. Another in the Star Wars series from New 420 Guy Seeds.

This frosty hybrid combo of the famed Jedi and Alien Kush.

I grew these seeds out myself, I flowered them in my greenhouse late in the season. The plants did not like to cooler temperatures in the fall, and the seeds, although grown long enough do not look fully mature.

They are, however, and I have test germinated them twice, I have gotten nearly 100% germination on both occasions. I actually loved the plant, it is big, beautiful, and produces big buds covered in trichomes. The plants exhibited excellent hybrid vigor and grew big, fast, and strong. The price reflects the immature look of the seed.

It brings forth large-sized plants that bush out far and wide and they explode full of large, round and super dense nuggets with a thick coating of trichomes.

This herb has a very distinct flavor and sweet aroma. The perfectly balanced hybrid effects are very medicinal, and the buzz will hit both your head and your body and is paired with a long list of amazing medicinal benefits that can aid in the treatment of both physical and mental based conditions.

May the Force be with you! The Force was developed by Paul at 420

4 reviews for The Force Regular Cannabis Seeds

  1. Joan

    I gotta say I got a lot of these as freebies and bought a handful and not a single one germinated. Over half of everything else did and I usually germinate around 90% or better? the other plants I bought here look amazing. Just heads up. Out of 15 seeds or so I didn?t get a single seed to crack in distilled water and paper towels and into soil, dug them up tried again. Idk. Might just be the batch.

    • aj999

      Hey Joan, I had someone else tell me about the Force seed. So I test germinated some and got close to 100% germination. I am trying to share the picture, but it is not letting me. Here is a link to a blog post about that…Test Germination of the Force cannabis strain.

  2. Justin

    Grew fast and strong, great bud structure. Coolest plant I have grown so far!

    • Jerry

      I loved growing out the Force as well. It was a very vigorous plant to grow, and really produced!

  3. steven.emmons (verified owner)

    The force is definitely one of my faves. I grew it summer of 2021, its been in a glass jars curing since sept and now the terps on it are out of this world. Lemony, sweet, fruity. I guess it just needed plenty of time to cure for the full range of terps to come out. Definitely be growing more this year.

  4. Richard (verified owner)

    I grew some of The Force last year and cloned 6 plants that all had 15 maybe 20 buds each and it is mild, good flavor and great for insomnia. It is also useful for general relaxation after a hard day. Don’t worry about the immature looking seeds you will have enough to clone. Cloning clones are easy to do and take off into a short bush loaded with buds if they are trained.

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