What Do Tiger Striped Cannabis Seeds Indicate?

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Tiger Striped Cannabis Seeds
Tiger Striped Cannabis Seeds

Why do some cannabis seeds got tiger stripes and some don’t? So what do the tiger stripes mean?

Well, the short answer is tiger striping means the seeds are likely mature! This is always a good thing as spending your hard-earned money on immature seed sucks big time!

Does tiger stripping tell you the resulting cannabis plant will be female or male?….No it does not. Do tiger-striped cannabis seed tell you the plant species…Sativa, Indica, Ruderillis, or Hemp?….No it does not.

Although, that being said, I have found that generally Indica seeds (or Indica dominate hybrid seeds) seem to be the biggest, while Sativa, and Ruderellis and Hemp seeds seem to be smaller.

I must admit, I love producing big, fat, mature, tiger-striped seeds, but those plain jane normal-looking cannabis seeds will likely turn into great plants as well. I have grown out huge, healthy plants from the tiniest of cannabis seeds.

I have noticed when producing cannabis seed, the very first nearly pre-flower seed calyxes can produce huge, fat, very mature seeds….and many will be devoid of tiger striping.

Generally smaller pale seeds and seeds with any dents, cracks or other deformities are simply immature, and unlikely to germinate well. When purchasing cannabis seeds online, the seeds you receive in the mail should be dark in color, and pass the maturity tests below.

Cannabis Seed Maturity Tests…..The Crunch Test, and The Float Test….And the Ultimate Test…

Cannabis Seeds
Here you see fat mature cannabis seeds on the left, then smaller mature marijuana seeds, till you get to the immature seeds on the far right.

A much better indicator of mature cannabis seeds is the test I call the crunch test.

Take a pot seed and squeeze it between your thumb and finger, as you apply pressure the seed may crush and break up in your fingers. This is a clear indication of a bad seed, one that is unlikely to sprout. Any seeds that do not crush are likely mature enough to be viable.

Float test for cannabis seed
The float test

And one last test that does work….the float test.

You, of course, would use this viability test on any cannabis seeds unless you are ready to plant them. The float test is simply putting your seeds in a glass of distilled water. Those that you find floating after a couple of hours are more than likely duds. Immature, and unlikely to sprout. Leaving the sinkers as being more mature, and much more likely to germinate.

And, of course, there is the ultimate test of cannabis seed viability…..sprouting them.

Weather it is just planting them, floating them, soaking them in paper towels, roughing them up with sand paper (Uggg, don’t do this) or any of the other ways folks think they have solved the sprouting problems in the world…If they sprout….regardless of what the seed looks like….it is viable.

My favorite way to sprout cannabis seeds is to simply plant them, weather in soil, jiffy pots, or rock wool, you plant the seeds about 1/4″ deep and keep moist, but not wet. Maintain a temperature of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and you should be golden. I also especially like to sprout my seeds under artificial light, rather then the sun, which can get too hot for pots. Planted in the ground the sun is awesome!

Are Big Fat Tiger Stripped Seeds Harder to Sprout?

There are some growers that may tell you the big fat tiger stripped seeds are harder to get to sprout because of the extra thickness of their shell. I do not think anything could be farther from the truth.

I will take big mature seeds any day over weaker smaller more immature seeds! You got some fat seeds you don’t want just send them my way…..I will trade you for immature seeds any day!

If you have nice mature seeds and they are troublesome to sprout….age is likely the culprit.

I strive for those big mature seeds to sell here on JustCannabisSeed.com. And if you order seeds I have produced personally they will be big, dark, and fully mature….these are they seeds you should crave!

Some will say there is a lot of effort and knowledge required to produce great cannabis seeds, but truthfully, there is a lot more skill in producing great bud. They are just trying to justify their prices, that is all.

Producing great, mature cannabis seeds is a slam dunk, one just has to be patient enough for them to reach full maturity.


The paper towel method of sprouting cannabis seed
Testing cannabis seed for viability

In conclusion, if you want to be assured you will receive viable, mature seed that will sprout, buy your cannabis seeds from JustCannabisSeed.com. Because….I guarantee my seeds to be viable. And their viability is periodically tested. And my top-shelf genetics are cheap….likely the cheapest cannabis seeds you will find anywhere online.

2 thoughts on “What Do Tiger Striped Cannabis Seeds Indicate?

  1. My question is I have some beautifully tiger striped Acapulco Gold seeds that we’re pollenated by my Grape Runtz that was missed during culling and they are all shaped like footballs, olverly misshapen unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Has anyone ever seen any of these very odd misshapen seeds.

    1. Depends on how big and misshaped they are MRJAB. I have noticed Indica seeds tend to be much bigger and fatter that Satvia seeds. But would have to look at them to know whats up with them. Send me some pictures.

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