What I am Growing 2/8/2021

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Am growing more great seed for you guys. The plants are doing well under the 4000 watts (if you can believe them) of LED lighting. These kinds of posts will always be ongoing as the grow develops. I love growing this plant, it is so easy and forgiving to grow. One can make mistakes and still these plants will flourish!

Here are some images of the plants….

Adding the Cannabis Strain Big Bud to the Lineup

I am excited to be growing out a new strain to my offerings….Big Bud…. I grew Big Bud about 20-30 years ago indoors hydroponically. I loved the strain, and loved the size of the enormous buds produced.

This strain grew big strong and fast. It responded well to hydroponics.

I traded for the seeds, and they looked weak and subpar, but you can grow the biggest, healthiest plants from tiny immature looking seed. The plants are turning out great, and I was very happy to find a male in the amongst them.

I will see if I have a few more images of the Bid Bud seedlings….

Back for an Update On the Cannabis Seed Grow 3/24/21

Well it is getting to be the time of year when I will simply not have the time to do much writing. I wanted to give an update on my grow, as the seeds are approaching maturity. I am growing out 5 different strains, and that isn’t easy when you are only allowed 15b plants total.

3 of the strains will be new to my site….Hawaiian, (got the seeds in a trade, slow to flower, looks like the real deal), Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower, and one I grew extensively back in the early ’80’s…the now fairly famous Big Bud. I actually got all these seeds in trade, they all look good. Big Bud looks to have the characteristics I remember….BIG buds, and heavy crystallization.

And 2 of the strains I am simply adding to my depleted stock. (thanks to you guys!!) These are Sour Patch CBD, and Sugar Haze.

Next up will be the Santa Marta Colombian Gold strain as I am now running low of those.

Here are some images of one of the new strains Hawaiian

The male is very venereal, and growing strong and tall. One female is small, but again I flower young so that is not much of an indicator of plants that can be grown from her seed. The other female is simply a beast, and will def produce plants that could be huge, and will surely impress. As I said these plant were very slow to flower, indicating a tropical pheno type. My other plants I am growing are about done maturing their seed, you can see how slow this one is. It has been my experience, that the slow maturing cannabis tends to be very potent as well. I think these seeds will produce awesome results!

And now here are the others….

You can see the the unusual pheno type of the Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower has been super cropped, this is my favorite way of controlling the height of plants, especially an inside grow….I need to do a post on super-cropping. This is a very Sativa like pheno type, that would likely get 4 or 5 feet tall….big for an auto-flower.

The next is the more common pheno type of Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower, and in an auto flower is basically one big bud.

The Sour Patch CBD plant grew strong and big in it’s short life. Well crystallized, and seemed very robust.

Then the one I am def excited to add to the line up….Big Bud. I found it to be aptly named, as the buds can get HUGE! You can see the extensive crystallization, and the size of the bud on a plant that was flowered when it was only on it’s 3rd node. If I was a market grower this plant would be one of my choices. I grew this strain back in the 80’s hydroponically, it never failed to impress!

And last, but not least is the very popular strain of cannabis called Sugar Haze. This is a Sativa dom plant that under the right conditions could grow one of those 10 lbs plants. This plant grew exhibiting excellent vigor, and also grew tall in it’s short life.

Well that about sums up this grow, I will be wacking them soon, and they will be available onsite. If you want 100% germination, and to grow some great plants….these seeds will be as fresh as they come!

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