White Widow, Jack Herer, and Afghani Auto-Flower Seed Grow

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New Auto Flowering Seeds to add to the Mix!

Just a quick post to add some images of some plants I am about ready to chop. Some of these seeds are destined for the free seed jar, and some will be put for sale. I’m going to try to do a slideshow with these….

Well today 10/11/20 is chop day for the White Widow Auto-Flowers, Afghani Auto-Flower, and the Jack Herer Autos. These seeds will soon be available to you to purchase here online. These are the fully mature plants below. See the fat calyxes? There is a seed inside of each, that would want to grow in your garden! 🙂

6 thoughts on “White Widow, Jack Herer, and Afghani Auto-Flower Seed Grow

  1. When do you think these new ones will be available? Working on obtaining all of your strains, got a good start. 2 Columbian Golds popped, 1 master orange 1 of the free popped in the last week. I have 1 from free that is 29 days old. It is an auto, started flowering 2 weeks ago with over 20 hours lights on. 2 1500 Watt MH temp 74-86 degrees F. Seedling stage slow on growth then bam just takes off. Getting around an inch or more new growth per day. No distinctive smell yet, smells like green weeds. Around 20 1/2 inches tall now. Looks like another 30-45 days until she will be ready for harvest. Thanks for all you do.
    Legal in Illinois

    1. In about a week I will put the new ones onsite. I have only one seeded female of one of those strains, and the plant looks substandard ( it likely is not) so I think those seeds will go into the free seed jar.

      1. Looking for a nice Afghani , something more like what was all over the US in the late 70?s. Some of this high THC cannabis is lacking something, just not the same. To me, even the hash from back then, had a way better buzz then any of this 23% that it and above THC cannabis. I don?t know if CBD balance not right or what is to far off but it changed the buzz. Had over 30% THC flower, sorry I was not impressed. Can you help an old hippie out ?

        1. I just added some old school Afghani in an auto-flower form to the site. These will hopefully have that old school Indica bzzzz….

          1. Did not see the Afghani listed How much you wanting? Any certain genetics, or from Afghanistan? Thanks for your assistance

          2. They are just some seeds I had to grow out. Got them in a trade I think. Here is the link..https://justcannabisseed.com/weed-seeds-shop/afghani-auto-flower-regular-cannabis-seeds/

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