With The Help of Cannabis

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Beautiful Cannabis Flower
Beautiful Cannabis Flower

The help of cannabis I was diagnosed with ADHD in early 90s and was put on ritalin @ 50 mg a day. I took it from the time I was 7 years old to till I was 14.

My mama made me take it went to my father’s every other weekend and he would not give it to me because he said I was like a zombie!

I found cannabis and stopped taking the ritalin and I started smoking cannabis.

Never looked back! I have been smoking cannabis from the  time I was 14 till I was 19 then I got in trouble and got put on probation. Could not smoke cannabis and started drinking because I had drug test and stayed in trouble because I was drinking. Went to jail, came home still drinking, and got in more trouble.

Then I got a 5-year sentence to prison went to prison done my 5 years came home no drug test.

Been home since 2005 with no trouble and no alcohol.

So what I am trying to say marijuana is not the drug alcohol is.

Marijuana is a medicine the days I do not have my medicine it’s like my mind runs all day that’s the ADHD.

Cannot focus on just one thing without the medical marijuana I have tried..

The days I cannot get up and smoke because I have something important to do, but cannot focus on one thing will try to start doing something and my mind on something else, again the ADHD.

The mornings I get up and take my medicinal cannabis smoke I have no problem, I can function, I can focus on what I’m supposed to be doing that day!

And people say it’s not a medicine it’s a drug!

As an example….I was in a store the other day and woman says something about marijuana being a drug. So I straight asked her to please name someone that has smoked cannabis and got behind the wheel of a vehicle and went down the road and hurt or killed someone….the woman thought I was crazy .

lol I asked her then how many people do you know that have drank alcohol and got behind the wheel and killed someone or themselves? I told her I could name at least seven people standing here now!

Relaxing With Cannabis
Relaxing With Cannabis

So I started explaining to her about how cannabis helps me everyday all day by the time I got done with her she looked at it in a different way, like they all should . I explained to her the power of the flower gave her my FB information and she has contacted me to let me know she has went and got CBD cream for her neck pain now she’s a true believer!

I explained to her that God put this plant here, all you have to do is put it in the dirt or whatever you prefer to use.

Unlike alcohol you have to manufacture it  before you can consume it was not put here by the good Lord for drinking . Yes he did put the oaks , barley or whatever else you’re going to use to make the alcohol.

He did not put it here in silent form like he did the marijuana.

So what I guess I am trying to say is I have been home since 2005 have not got any trouble! I have been working and focusing on raising my four-year-old son, life is going great…..because of the power of the flower!

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  1. Jerry I’m glad you shared that with us and i am truly happy for you and your family cause i have some of the same problems .ADHD and prison i went 5 times and been home since 2018 clean and sober and trouble free thank to the power of the flower ……

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