Wow, These Cannabis Seeds Really Are Cheap!

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The Cheapest Marijuana Seeds Online!

Guest Post From Peter, Thanks Peter

Why it is important to find a seed wholesaler for seeds at $2.50/seed versus $12/seed! Because, especially during these troubling times with the Corona Virus, everybody wants to find the elusive….cheap cannabis seeds for sale online.

cannabis concentrates
cannabis concentrates

You search and search for a cheap marijuana seed bank that does not want 10 bucks or even more for just one seed. Well your search is over, because’s cannabis seeds are all under 10 bucks.

So now you have got some of those cheap cannabis seeds….what now?

This is written for the first time grower, so also for the first time cannabis seed buyer. (use distilled water or use water that was left out overnight to get rid of the chlorine)

I learned the hard way, that with fresh seeds and a ?je ne sais quoi? attitude, weed is a weed and easy to grow when you don?t try too hard, and remember you have some of the cheapest weed seeds you will find anywhere online..

I threw 8-12 seeds into those mini seed pods threw it on top of a seedling heat mat and never looked back.

Shoved the seedlings into whatever dirt I could find and threw the lot in the basement room under some jury rigged industrial grade halogen lights and ended up with WAY too many healthy seedlings instead of the four allowed.

Lady Bugs on a Cannabis Plant
Lady Bugs on a Cannabis Plant

So then I shove these over yields into a garbage bag and throw that into the garage for garbage pickup.

Those get missed and two weeks later the 8 are still thriving in the garbage bag.

The day all eight get picked up is the same day I realize the four outside have died under the intense sun.

Score 12:0 for poor green thumbitis.

Now fast forward and I am no longer a recreational user growing cannabis from just any old seeds lying around but a medical user needing to grow and replace 60 grams a month of $10-16/gram medical cannabis bred specifically to address the following medical conditions:

  1. Atypical trigeminal neuralgia, the only doctor acknowledged disease known to be the most painful of any and ALL conditions, affectionately named the suicide disease
  2. Adhesive capsulitis, more commonly known as frozen shoulder
  3. Complex PTSD, or c PTSD and not the homegrown diagnosis of ?daddy wouldn?t buy me a pony? (therefore I had an abusive childhood and no man is good enough for me) but the ?real? kind where two or three medical specialists finally said ?YES!!, please consider this written letter a formal diagnosis by a medical specialist that you do in fact suffer from PTSD and when??)

So now that we have that out of the way, let?s get to the good part.


Cannabis Seeds Floating In Water
Cannabis Seeds Floating In Water
  1. Place in a shot glass or similar in distilled water in a warm dark place
  2. Check every 24 hours until the tap root has emerged, the tap root should be a minimum of .3-.5 inches, about the height of 5-7 nickels (if the seeds are floating I let them get a bit longer because I am not worried about them drowning)
  3. Once the seed tap root is long enough, make a hole in a seed pod (peat pellet) that is long enough to accommodate the tap root and will keep the seed husk about .25-.3 inches below the level of the soil (about the height of 4 nickels/.275 inches)
  4. Very lightly and I emphasize very lightly cover with soil (I myself have a tendency to cover the seed husk too well and any kind of compaction will block the seed?s ability to push the husk up and out so I end up needing to cut open the pod and manually advancing it up ? an inch to free the seed husk**
Cannabis seeds sprouting in a paper towel
Cannabis seeds sprouting in a paper towel

**I am using some very old ?garbage? seeds which due to being so dry are likely not soft enough for the developing plant to burst them open then shed them.

**The seeds that germinate the fastest also have the least trouble shedding this husk

On a few occasions I have gently removed this husk and the plant has developed just fine.

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