Sunset Sherbet Regular Hemp Seed


Minimum Order of 5 Seeds….$17.50

I am selling these seeds cheap. I got them wholesale, and find the germination rate is not 100%, so half of the usual price. I will always send a few extras as well.

Take advantage of this price point, as when I run low and grow out my own seed the price will surely go up.

A great high CBD….and low THC strain that can become your go to for easing the stress of this modern world. If you are looking for medicinal cannabis without the big buzz…look no farther.


Sunset Sherbet Hemp is a high CBD (around 20%) cannabis plant. I have been wanting to add a few hemp strains to the mix, and this is the first.

This strain has a very low (under 3%) THC levels. You can enjoy all the relaxing effects of cannabis without the buzz. Perfect for a wide range of medicinal use, or just simply relaxing after a long day.

This Sunset Sherbet strain has a high level of terpenes, (Pinene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Humuleneand, and Guiaol)  that creates a combination of flavors that is reminiscent of orange sherbert ice cream.

The strain was derived from industrial hemp, and it’s high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids will bring on a calming, relaxing effect that can slow a racing mind, and help calm even a panic attack. Another plus medicinally, is that the relaxing effects can be long lasting, giving one relief all day long.

This strain is a Sativa dominate hybrid that is sure to please.



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