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Update…9/5/22…I was going through the drawer I kept my free seeds in when this seedbank first started out. And low and behold there were seeds there….lots of seeds! These are seeds you can read about at the beginning…the big sativa, some grinspoon type of phenos… those seeds. Those of you that have been customers for sometime will remember. Newer customers can read about them below. I gave out over 50,000 of these seeds!

So here is what I am going to do, for every $50.00 spent, not only will you get a small vial (about 10 seeds) of the new auto-flowering free seeds, but also a small vial of these original free seeds. So, every order, no matter how small will receive two vials of free seeds (about 15-20.) And two extra vials of these seeds for every 50 bucks you spend.

So 15-20 completely free cannabis seeds in every order, no matter how small. Money tight? Just order the minimum order of the seeds I have on sale ( I try to have a strain on sale all the time) and get the free seeds too!

Update…7/13/22…I have harvested some seeds that were destined to get my free seed offer going again. But, I simply do not have enough to fill those orders for very long. So I have decided to use them as the free seeds you will get for every $50 spent on orders. So you will get a small vial of these seeds (about 10 or so) with every order, no matter how small. And I will send an extra vial for ever $50 spent.

These seeds are a mix of most of the auto-flowering strains I sell. Looking for a special pheno type in an auto? There will be some real keepers in these seeds, and many will be F1’s so should have excellent hybrid vigor! Here is a list of the genetics involved…Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, MI5, Afghani, Blueberry, Sour 60, Sour Lowryder 2, and Blue Haze…..

Be sure to sign up for my email list, to get a heads up when I have more seeds for this very popular offer!  And, as I spoil my list with exclusive discounts, you will always get a heads up when I am adding more cannabis strains or seeds to the lineup, and when I add new content to the blog.

1/21/21……Sorry! Due to the huge popularity of these orders I am again out of the seeds. I will grow more!

Free Cannabis Seed Orders1/5/2022…Finally, I am able to fire up the free seed orders again!

I have raised the price of shipping and handling to $20.00….for a couple reasons:

1. I am compensated for my time filling these orders a bit.

2. This will likely keep them around for a bit longer. (they can sell out in just a few days)

For those who would say “Wait a minute, these are not free!”

I would say, at this price point you are still only paying a buck a seed or so. You will not find a deal like this anywhere else online.

Also be aware that some of the seeds will be a bit immature. The reason for this is it got cold in the grow room, and if it gets too cold maturing seeds well becomes problematic. The seeds are pretty small so you still should get close to 20 viable seeds per order. And I let the plants go till they were literally dying of old age, so this is as mature as they were likely to get.

The image above is a few of the free seed vials opened up so you can see exactly what an order will be comprised of. You can actually count the seeds if you like, and of course can maximize the image to look at the seeds closer.

And once again, here is a list of the auto-flowering genetics involved in this grow: Sour 60 Autos, MI5 autos, Blue Haze Autos, Sour Lowryder Autos, Blueberry Autos, and even a few Afghani Autos thrown in for good measure. 

And here is a link detailing the grow…..New Free Cannabis Seed Grow.

Update…12/31/21….I have harvested the free seed grow I had going on. They will be ready for you guys in a week or two. If you would like a heads up when they are ready be sure to sign up for my email list. Signing up is a no brainer as I will not spam you, but I do give my email list exclusive deals on my seeds quite often. Oh, and Happy New Year!!

Sorry, those seeds did not last long! I am again out of seeds for the free seed orders. I am again growing more as we speak, and will have them available soon….I promise! If you would like to keep an eye on their progress follow this link…New Free Cannabis Seed Grow. To know when they are again in stock, just sign up for my email list.

FREE CANNABIS SEEDS….. Yes, these cannabis seeds are free….but, you will be charged a nominal fee for shipping and handling.

Lots of folks think this must be some sort of scam, but it’s not, simply my way of giving back to the cannabis community a bit.

I have sent out hundreds of these free cannabis seed orders….and not one complaint yet!

Here is a link to see some customer-generated images of some of the plants grown from a free weed seed order…..Cannabis Plants Grown From The Free Seed Offer

These are not bag seed, hemp seed, nor trash seeds. There is some great genetics in this mix. All the seeds that were grown out for these free cannabis seed orders were purchased from popular seed banks like ILM, Seedsman, Attitude, and other seed banks. I generally buy top shelf cannabis seeds to grow out and offer for sale. But, mismarked seeds are fairly common, and my loss is your gain.

There will be about 20 seeds (depends on the size of the seed) in each of these orders.

2/25/2020….Just added several hundred fresh Sour 60 Autos, and Sour Lowryder 2 Auto seeds to the free seed jar. These were again mismarked from the seed bank I got them from.

6/17/20….I grew out several strains of autos….specifically, Cream Carmel Autos, Amnesia Autos, Gorilla Glue Autos, and Mawba Negru Autos. I did not get a single male! I think some seed banks are simply selling Feminized seed as regular seed. Lacking a male I decided to cross all these auto-flowering cannabis plants with some pollen I had saved. The pollen came from two strains I sell….The Force, and Sour 60 Auto Flower. So these seeds will be in the mix. You can find some images of these autos in the gallery. I have written a post about the free seed grow with videos, and images of the plants these seeds will come from….you can find it here…Growing More Cannabis Seeds to Add to the Free Cannabis Seed Offer

Free Auto Flower Seeds?….yes you will find some free autoflowering seeds in the mix as well.

These seeds are overruns, cross-pollination’s, and/or seeds that have been mismarked.

Big Sativa
The Big Sativa for  Free Cannabis Seed Orders

You will find a huge Sativa (think of a huge Strawberry Cough, there she is to the right), a couple of autos flowers (they reminded me of Blue Haze), and one hybrid mixed in these seeds. I grew them, they were simply not the strains they were supposed to be, so in the free weed seed jar they went.

There are a few ways you could get me to send you a free cannabis seed order with no money out of pocket whatsoever…

I will trade seeds for content, if you are interested follow this link…Completely Free Cannabis Seeds….

Or want to take a look at the other top shelf cannabis seeds I offer click this link....WeedSeedShop.

Out of Stock


Free Cannabis Seed Order
Free Cannabis Seed Order

New free cannabis seeds harvested on 10/1/21…..100% germination should be a slam dunk. Be aware there will be some immature seeds included, but most should also be viable. You will find about 20 seeds in each of these orders.

What could be better than…FREE CANNABIS SEEDS! Yep, these marijuana seeds are completely free, no cost, and no purchase necessary!

Just pay a nominal shipping and handling fee.

Some will say…”Hey that is not ‘free’??”

You have to realize no one online is going to pay for shipping and handling and send you 20 free cannabis seeds.

And most of the results for the search term ‘Free Cannabis Seeds’ will take you to seed banks who will give you some freebies if you order their other seeds.

You can get a free cannabis seed order from without making any other purchase. No other purchase is necessary. If you are a newbie and want to get some grows under your belt without breaking the bank, you just can’t go wrong with an order of these free pot seeds.

But, even if you consider the shipping cost as what you are paying for these cannabis seeds….that still comes out to less then a buck a seed….Cheapest weed seeds online!

Sorry, but a limit of one order per day.

These seeds come from the same genetics we sell, so

Free Marijuana Seeds
Free Marijuana Seeds

you will likely find some real gems within these free pot seeds.

There are around 20 free cannabis seeds in each order, depending on seed size. You can actually count the free weed seeds in the image above. Talk about cheap cannabis seeds….

Use these free weed seeds to hone your cannabis husbandry skills.  Or simply short on money and looking for a real ‘deal’ on marijuana seeds? Then this Free Cannabis Seed Deal is for you!

I doubt you will find cannabis seeds cheaper anywhere online. But if you do, drop me a line and let me know about it.

Everybody loves free stuff. And I enjoy giving free stuff away, so here is some more free stuff….Free Cannabis Images, and Free PDF Cannabis eBooks.

Or if you would like to see some of the other top shelf cannabis seeds we offer for sale go here….WeedSeedShop

55 reviews for Free Cannabis Seeds

  1. judiecutie2002

    Thank you so much for the free seeds! Of course I had to try one out. It popped in less than 24 hours! She’s happily starting her new life in a small pot on my desk. Can’t wait to see what she grows up to be. Thank you all so much for getting me started. You rock!

    • aj999

      Very good Jodie, thanks for getting back to me with that great news. I guarantee germination.

  2. kyle Seegobin (verified owner)

    got my seeds in less than a week and there where more than 50 seeds…Highly recommend buying for growers who want to experiment!!

  3. James Huffman (verified owner)

    Very pleased with what I got put two in to grow as soon as I got them

  4. Shannon G Dow

    How long is the average wait time on seeds?

    • aj999

      Good morning Shannon, delivery takes about 4-5 days depending on where you live. What takes a bit more time is waiting for funds to clear my bank. Sending cash speeds things up, as those orders are normally sent the day received.

  5. James

    Can you choose only auto flowers seeds on the free seeds or is it just a mix of auto and photo seeds?

    • aj999

      It is a mix of autos and photos James.

  6. Andy

    Wow, I planted 20 straight away, 100%. Plants look strong, we will see what they do. I’m excited!

  7. DangDong

    These guys are legit.

  8. chaconh8 (verified owner)

    No better deal, came in 3 days!

  9. Daniel Hunnefield (verified owner)

    Placed an order for two strains. Order arrived very fast in 3 days time. To my surprise…I had almost double of each strain I ordered…a pack of seeds I didnt order for free…and of course, the large pack of free seeds. They dont look old and are in great condition. I place orders with many companies…and I have to say JCS is now in my top 3.

  10. real0803

    I received these seeds and soaked them in water for a couple of days. I placed 6 seeds in a wet napkin inside of a zip lock. They all sprouted a days later. So far so good, I will keep you updated on the results . Jerry seems to really care about the satisfaction of his cusyomers. He even threw in a couple of extra strains . I like the fact that shipping is free .

  11. happy happy

    out of 50 seeds I only got 12 that didn’t crack. I put them in warm paper towels, back in the cup, back to the towels, back to the cup. next will try to scratch them up but for free seeds: BANGIN GOOD DEAL. Thanks!

  12. dougkish93

    Hope I get my seeds just ordered

  13. dougkish93 (verified owner)

    Seeds are shipped thank you so much bro appreciate it you get a fives out of five bro love your stuff I?m a new time grower so I?ll be buying again

  14. Deb0700 (verified owner)

    This is Awesome! Got my free Seeds in about 3 days. Already ordered your normal strains too. You’ve got yourself a long time customer now mate.

  15. Randy (verified owner)

    First order a couple months back, and a very generous one, thanks. But, so far, three or four have been males, which, unfortunately, waste your time and resources.

    • aj999

      Yes, but you paid much less for my seeds then fems from somewhere else. You will likely get some males, as they will average about 50/50 male/female.

  16. Jose Ortiz (verified owner)

    Took less than a week to arrive cant wait to grow

  17. Butterfly

    Got 28 amazing little plants going. I mean really high quality! So far one autoflower –so far. little thing put bud sites on so fast its crazy (am a photoperiod person). Was shocked just one day 7 buds sites coming with no help from me…. I’d totally order something and ask for some free seeds with your shipping. am also growing the glue cookies and sour plums in the hybrid section and would 110% recommend those. easiest fastest fattest seeds have germinated and scary how fast they took off. both over 25% thc! that’s nuts! love this store

  18. 7 D.C.L (verified owner)

    I thought this was fake at first, but it?s not. Just received my seeds today. I wish I would?ve found this sooner. I would recommend this to anyone.

  19. Bree Rittenhouse (verified owner)

    I couldn?t ask for better seeds or service. This seller is 100% legit, his seeds are quality sprouted, and he has been ready, willing, and able to help answer any questions I have had this far. I have my first batch of Autos sprouting and I already placed my June order. I will be sure to tell other medical patient about this site, and I will even pay your generosity forward by giving my former medical patient a plant or two (And maybe even a few seeds if he?s willing to try on his own.). I can?t wait to see what July brings. Thank you again for providing fast, friendly, and affordable service. Peace and Love- B

  20. kenneth Beninghaus (verified owner)

    fast shipping and just to excited so i plucked one in a pot and started it here is to hoping. thanks for the awesome deal bro

  21. Lauren

    Hey is there a way to upload photos? I got 4 autos in the seeds 2 males 2 females. Have the females drying. They were fast coming on and finishing. Got a little under 1/4 ounce off each, while out of town for 3 weeks and no food or light changes ?-without trying ?-so imagine what you could get if you tried. There are many of the same looking plant and I wanted to send a photo ask if it is a strawberry. About 8 of them. They all have strong stalks and very very thin long pretty leaves. All are heavily leafed along the stem. They are very very pretty plants. I mean their leaves are no thicker than a magic marker and as long as a pencil on 6 week old plants. Very very pretty. Does that sound like seeds from your mother strawberry cough above? If so, what is she exactly? I?m going to have to consider that haze in there to flip them as have heard they go 200% at flip. THESE FREE SEEDS ARE A GREAT DEAL BUT BUY SOME STRAINS GUYS.

    • aj999

      If she is a photo cannabis plant it is likely from that big Sativa. It was mismarked from the seed bank (supposed to be an auto flower.) Long thin leaves is a characteristic of Sativas. Most of the other seeds in a free seed order would be autos.

  22. D (verified owner)

    I tell you. I ordered the seeds, received them in a couple days. The best part is when I paper toweled 4 of them they were germinated and m begging for a pot within 4 days. AMAZING !!! Now if I can just narrow down the strain for growing purposes because it appears I?m growing 3 separate strains. Great deal friend and thank you. Hopefully next time I?ll have the $$$$ to make a purchAse. Keep up the good work.


    • aj999

      Yes, you will get multiple strains in the free seed offer. Heck buy the $2 autos, pretty darn cheap!

  23. Andrew

    Received my seeds in 4 days, which is less than a quarter of the time I have usually waited ordering from other online seed banks over the years. The price is also amazing, much cheaper than those other guys! I love and will be ordering exclusively from you moving forward. Cannabis has been a blessing for my medical condition and after being on pain pills for years, I am so thankful to have found this wonderful medicine that does not have the side effects of ?traditional? medicine. Keep up the good work guys!

  24. melinda.tillman (verified owner)

    Thank you the real deal here. Will order again.

  25. Michael Vogel (verified owner)

    Very happy with my order seeds we?re awesome shipping was very fast and you just can?t beat the price thanks again.

  26. Richard Schwartz (verified owner)

    Took only 3 days and I received my order. Even though I only got the minimum of 25, they all look healthy! Jerry did an amazing job with customer service and treated me as if I were his only customer. Will definitely order again!

  27. will (verified owner)

    I received my seeds faster than the time frame I was quoted. I did customer services for a # of years and the practice of “Under promising and over delivering” is very good way to create loyal customers. This 1 of the rare occassions where something that’s sounds 2 good 2 be true us actually true. With an exception, and it’s not a big deal breaker, I got 19 seeds (not 25-30). Less than $1/seed is unheard of anywhere. You cant beat the deal. I will be ordering some of premium seeds soon.

    • aj999

      Hey Will, I’ve counted the seeds in the free seed offer a couple of times, but if the seeds end up being a bit bigger there will be fewer. But you are right a buck a seed is a pretty cheap, sweet deal for cannabis seeds online.

  28. J (verified owner)

    Hi this is J, I ordered some seeds from you and got some free seeds. I have finished with the autos thank you and have 4 4 foot standards here going to flip soon. They have been in veg since April and were planted in early March. Wanted to ask you- what is big Sativa looking but with a lot of dense branching that has 7 points and what has 5 points? I?ll send you some of the nugs. Please let me know.

    • aj999

      I’m not sure what the big Sativa was actually. It was supposed to be an auto flower. I grew it out in the summer in my greenhouse. It got 140 degrees Fahrenheit in there! I was working too much at the time to take care of her well, I just poured the water to her and she flourished! She would have been 10+ feet tall outdoors. And, grown for bud she would have produced 3-4 lbs.I was totally impressed with her. I have grown some of her seeds out and gotten other phenotypes, so not sure what she had going on genetically. I’m glad you like her.

  29. J (verified owner)

    I should say that these standards are worth Over a thousand dollars. There?s no way there isn?t a 1/3 off them each and way more if I veg longer and get them in
    20 gallons. I just moved them from 5 into 7
    So think about it folks- $15 for free seeds and you get jewels like this? Worth thousands. These plants would put Japanese bonsai farmers to shame. Their trunks are bigger than a fat marker and they are loaded with bud or pollen sac sites and perfectly proportioned. On has 7 fingers. The other 3 have 5. Wouldn?t be surprised if they were an Indica Sativa cross. Am super tempted to flip them for seed. These are big plants and they would get way bigger if I waited more months. Grown outdoors someone could pull 3-4 lbs off one of these plants no problem. Huge.

  30. J (verified owner)

    They are actually taller and more branches than the massive Santa Marta?s I bought from you and started at the same time. That?s how big. Huge. It?s that I don?t know what?s make
    Or female
    Going to go ahead and flip but if I knew what was female now no way i?d Flip, i?d Overwinter and pull down 3 lbs. I can?t believe it really. These are not strictly Sativa. They are dense like an Indica and shaped like bushes. They aren?t all tall and leggy like a pure sativa but I grow under blue led?s
    So they may have compressed between nodes a lot. If they x 3 at bloom I?m screwed. My ceilings are only 8 feet. They were just side projects and not any more these are some of the prettiest plants ever

  31. Jimmy (verified owner)

    Once again, Thankyou for the free seeds!!
    If there were a Cannabis King award, JCS would get the Crown for being the only one on this Planet that gives free seeds “just for the asking” ….. try to top that.
    I grew out some free ones that were either Sour60 or Sour Lowryder, wow, nice grape aroma and with a old school type high!! Nice!!

  32. Shane Keown

    Hi I live in northern Ontario. I have grown outdoor back in the day with seeds I found in bags. I have a small family ?wife and 2 kids at home and a daughter lives out of town?.i just put a light in a small room in my house to use and hope to do a good size outdoor patch next year. $ permitting. If you would happen to have any extra seed to send to a good cause please let me know. Thank you for your time

  33. carlos

    Never seen a deal like this before. Im not a fan of autos but I guess it will be something to try out before deciding i only like photos. By any chance are the seeds labeled? I’ve only grown mystery seeds i had so it would be nice to know what im growing. Then again that’s part the fun of the mystery seed. How long do the seeds store for?

    • Jerry

      There is a big Sativa in the mix as well, the seeds are not labeled, so you don’t know what you will get. Seeds keep well for many years.

  34. Alex Blevins

    Are all of these seeds feminized?

    • Jerry

      No, Alex, none of these seeds are feminized.

  35. Jewelea Parker (verified owner)

    Just ordered last night and the customer service is absolutely great Jerry is a great guy. 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend

  36. Jeremy Doty (verified owner)

    Jerry is awesome….great on price and super fast on shipping….and who doesn’t love free seeds. I placed a nice size order. Wasn’t expecting the number of free seeds I got in my order. Will be placing another order soon as gf took half of what I ordered for her house for our 2nd grow.

  37. nicholas.asselin (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the free seeds! I received my shipment lightning fast! These aren?t tiny unhealthy bag seeds, they?re nice and plump with good color and stripes. I will definitely be a return customer.

  38. nicholas.wieczorek

    Legit company!! I back them!!

  39. raymond.jefferies (verified owner)

    Thank you so much. I am sitting here beyond happiness looking at my order that just came(really fast). I have four times the amount of seed than I ordered and the quality is awesome. I have been through about a hundred seed sites and this is the best for quality and price. As soon as I get more money and seeds come back in stock, I am definitely coming back for more. And the owner helped me out with my tracking number as my neighborhood is unusual. Thank you for this blessing and you are blessed back.

    • Jerry

      Thanks Raymond, enjoy!!

  40. O (verified owner)

    This is the best website you are going to find regarding FREE SEEDS. If it is your first time growing cannabis, then I recommend you take this guy up on his free seeds offer; just pay $15 shipping. My wife and I were skeptical at first and I even kept my fingers crossed in good faith, but this website is honestly the most genuine shit you are going to find on the internet. Fuck yea. I can’t wait to post pics of my first grow.
    Also after reading the comments I guess not all of the 30+ FREE seeds are going to be female autoflowers, but that’s okay because they were FREE (plus $15 shipping).

  41. Isaac James (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery took less than one week, Will buy from them again.

  42. Danielle (verified owner)

    Originally ordered free seeds and when my order came it had 7 other strains with it including my free seeds. I was on a budget and didn’t really know what to order so was really surprised and excited to have gotten free seeds. I appreciate the Hook up especially since I was the 1000th order 😊😊!
    Definitely recommend you order, the process of ordering is easy and the delivery was fast. Now let me go and grow some tree’s 😉 and I will keep you guys posted. Thank you 🤗😃

    • Jerry

      Aww, my 1000’s order! Thanks for making a comment Danielle, I get alot of free seed orders and thought it might go that way…congrats.

  43. MyrtleGrounds (verified owner)

    Super deal going for anyone looking for a variety of awesome seeds. Shipping was lightning fast and ordering was very easy. I got 25 seeds and only paid for shipping.


    i would love to have a few auto flower seeds

  45. Larry

    This is legit! And they all popped within 24 hours. Wow, what a lovely thing this guy does. God’s work, really.

  46. Codi

    I could not be more happy with JCS! Jerry is an amazing down to earth person, and easy to talk to. He really helped me out as a beginner with a very limited budget.

  47. Nathan Christian

    Man I can’t wait until there’s more freebies available I’ve been checking back daily trying to grow some since pot and seeds are hard to come by around my area and haven’t had the money to buy any but fingers crossed lol

    • Jerry

      I am making them grow as fast as I can Nathan. That offer has been very popular of course, and I should have been more prepared. I am going to grow so many seeds I will not run out again!!

  48. Michael (verified owner)

    I have grown out a few of the free ( and unlabeled) seeds. I have not had a problem yet. Some are autos some are not. I mated a pair of these, male was an auto, female appeared to be a sativa dominate photoperiod strain. I am at present growing out a few of the seeds. 1 plant showing lowryder genetics only 5.5 inches tall. The prettiest little purple bud. There is an auto male sativa type leaves it is right at 4 foot. Then 2 of them photoperiods, but they are growing like a mutated palm tree. Long stalk bare the first 18 inch’s or so, first several sets of leaves was just 1 fingered now starting to develop more fingers. 1 has characteristics of the sativa dominate photoperiod, skinny bright green 7-9 fingers leaves, but in shape of a Christmas tree. In Illinois only allowed the five. Going to take awhile to grow out all my seeds and find out how many different phenoes I end up with. As these are F1’s should be a great diversity. I still haven’t figured out how to send pics except by email to Jerry

    • Jerry

      No worries Michael, thanks for the update. There are alot of different genetics in a free seed offer, with the photo Sativa making up the bulk of them. I am growing more seeds right now for this offer as it is very popular, and I am sticking to the same genetics. One interesting pheno-type is a grind-spoon kind of plant.

  49. wavygravy2001 (verified owner)

    I appreciated the free seeds Jerry. i grew a couple and had a fire auto come out of the batch. I just wish I knew which strain it was because it was super fast and a great mellow buzz.

    • Jerry

      Awesome Wavy, the free seed orders will likely always be a random cross, as it just seems they should be. But, there will always be some awesome plants grown just like yours.

  50. Jim Saltsman (verified owner)

    Jerry is great to work with answering all my emails. He helped me with payment problems that were all on my side. Looking forward to start growing ASAP!! What a deal!

  51. Sabrina Mejias (verified owner)

    Thank you so much they arrived very quickly a bit premature for sure but their not soft so I’m sure most of not all will germinate. I received what was promised more than I would’ve got going somewhere else and for less the cost. Thank you for keeping us up to date as to what strains these are as well I made sure to screenshot the strain names and I researched images of the strains for my convenience again thank you.

    • Jerry

      Yeah, I think most of those I kept will germinate. Enjoy!

  52. Chad

    This is a great deal! Has been loads of fun to pop a few of these in every run for that random flavor. You never know what you’re going to get. So far I have gotten everything from tiny auto flowers to huge auto flowers and some huge sativa photoperiods. Watch for bananas mid to late flower, although they are great pungent flowers I would say at least 90% show hermaphroditic traits. Got a Grinspoon! That one threw me for a loop as a new grower. Thanks a ton for the experience!

    • Jerry

      Thanks for your comment Chad. At this point in time all those genetics are a thing of the past. From here on I am simply going to grow out some of my best autos, and photos and let them hybridize on their own. I am going to offer both auto free seed offers and photo free seed offers, given the popularity of these seeds. So be sure to sign up for my email list to get a heads up when they become available. You can find the sign up form in the footer of any page.

  53. TheHerbwitch (verified owner)

    Very easy transaction and fast shipping. I got a Dr. Grinspoon-type pheno right out of the gate this past summer. I’ve been growing it exclusively since, really getting everything dialed in. Once you get it right, it’s just… divine. This really is a great deal, especially if you’re just getting started and are nervous about dropping lots of money on expensive genetics before you get good at growing.

    • Jerry

      Hi, thanks for your comment, love your name btw. 🙂

  54. Marc Pinsky (verified owner)

    Jerry, Thank you for the AF “freebie” order sent along with my GSC order. It arrived quickly and all the seeds have that nice mottled look to them. I will let y’all know how they “pop” and how they grow out. Not a big one for fancy genetics — I’m just happy if I get a harvest to cure and use! Thanks again for helping us all out with an affordable product.

  55. Mat K. (verified owner)

    This was my first experience with Jerry. I found JCS in an internet search for “free cannabis seeds”. I checked out the site, reviews, testimonials. At the time the s&h was $15 for some free seeds. I figured: what the hell! If it’s a scam, I only lose $15. No scam…the turnaround on my free seed order almost gave me whiplash! Lol A vial of 20 seeds arrived with a very nice hand written thank you.
    I think the price on s&h is $20 now. Still a great deal for someone on a budget who wants some good genetics. I haven’t grown any yet, but plan to next year. You really can’t go wrong.

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