Free Cannabis Seeds

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FREE CANNABIS SEEDS Yes, these cannabis seeds are free….but, you will be charged a nominal fee for shipping and handling.

You will find over 50 cannabis seeds in each free seed order!

These seeds are overruns, cross-pollinations, and/or seeds that have been mismarked. They have all originated from the same genetics as the cannabis seeds we sell.

You could find photosensitive cannabis strains, autoflowering cannabis strains, and even feminized cannabis strains, there are also likely both Sativa, Indica, and hybrid cannabis strains.

You are likely to find some real ‘gems’ within these free cannabis seeds.

Wait, do you want completely free seed…100% free? I will even pick up the shipping and handling, but what I want in return is a good backlink to this website using anchor text within some great content somewhere (can’t be a Facebook or Instagram link.) I would also trade some great seeds for unique content…just contact me.

Another way you can get your seeds completely free of cost would be to create content for my blog. This would have to be completely unique content that can be found nowhere else on the web.

If this interests you please contact me so we can discuss the details.


Free Cannabis Seed Order
Free Cannabis Seed Order

What could be better than…FREE CANNABIS SEEDS! Yep, these marijuana seeds are completely free, no cost, no purchase necessary!

Just pay a nominal shipping and handling fee.

Sorry, but a limit of one order per day.

I also include an order of free seeds with every paid order filled, at zero cost to you.

These seeds come from the same genetics we sell, so you will likely find some real gems within these seeds.

Be aware you will find some free autoflower seeds mixed in too.

There are about 100 seeds in each order! Talk about cheap cannabis seeds!

Want some cheap seed to hone your cannabis husbandry skills? Or simply short on money and looking for a real ‘deal’ on marijuana seeds? Then this Free Seed Deal is for you!

I doubt you will find 50 seeds any cheaper anywhere online. But if you do, drop me a line and let me know about it.

Everybody loves free stuff. And I enjoy giving free stuff away, so here is some more free stuff….Free Cannabis Images, and Free PDF Cannabis eBooks.


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