Free Cannabis Seeds

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Yes, these cannabis seeds are free….but, you will be charged shipping and handling. These seeds are over runs, cross pollinations, or seeds that have been mismarked. They have all originated from the same genetics as the cannabis seeds we sell. You are likely to find some real ‘gems’ within these cannabis seeds.


Free Cannabis Seed Order
Free Cannabis Seed Order

What could be better then…FREE CANNABIS SEEDS! Yep, these marijuana seeds are completely free, you just pay shipping and handling. Limit, one order per day.

I will also include one vial of these free seeds with every order filled. These seeds come from the same genetics we sell, so you will likely find some real gems in these seeds.

There are about 50 seeds in each order! Now there are some cheap cannabis seeds.

Everybody loves free stuff. And I enjoy giving free stuff away, so here is some more free stuff….Free Cannabis Images, and Free PDF Cannabis eBooks.