Legal Disclaimer…When you purchase products from JustCannabisSeed.com (also referred to as ‘Just Cannabis Seeds’) you are also agreeing to our Legal Disclaimer.

At Just Cannabis Seeds, our cannabis seeds are intended solely as collectable, adult, novelty souvenirs. We at Just Cannabis Seeds in no way condone sprouting and growing our cannabis seeds if it is illegal for you to do so. We do not condone breaking any laws in any way, anywhere at any time!

If we are concerned that any customer will be planting, germinating, or harvesting our products in a country where this is illegal, we have the right to refuse the sale, and I will. If payment has been collected prior to the cancellation, it will be immediately returned in the same form it was submitted.

Germinating Your Seeds

If planting and growing cannabis is legal in your Country/State, we can reassure you, our customer, that germination rates and viability of all our seeds are regularly tested.

At Just Cannabis Seeds we encourage all customers to understand and follow the laws of their Country/State of residence. We do not condone acting outside these laws in any way, at any time, and will accept no legal responsibility for laws or regulations broken by possession or use of our products.

International Sales

Our seeds are sold with the condition that they not be used in any way that interferes with or directly goes against laws established in the city, State, or Country where the purchaser resides.

Different countries/states have different regulations and laws regarding the purchase, sale, and use of cannabis seeds.

It is legal in many countries to buy and sell cannabis seeds, but we strongly recommend determining the laws in your area of residence before placing an order with Just Cannabis Seeds.

In the United States, where Just Cannabis Seeds is located, it is legal to sell and purchase cannabis seeds as collectible souvenirs. As such, Just Cannabis Seeds accepts no responsibility for any products or shipments intercepted or seized due to the laws of other countries, it is your responsibility to know the laws that govern you and act accordingly.

The Information Contained within Just Cannabis Seeds

Any and all information offered by Just Cannabis Seeds, including but not limited to content on sprouting, growing, or using cannabis (Marijuana, Pot, Weed) or it’s seeds, or the legalities surrounding it, is available for educational purposes only. Information on this site is in no way intended to encourage, excuse, or endorse the illegal use of our products, or breaking any law in the area you reside.

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