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I have also just harvested some of the popular Sour Lowryder Green Autos, and the MI5 Autos, and am putting them on sale for just $3.50 per seed with a minimum order of 5 seeds. This sale will last about one week only….

Get about a medium vial of about 20 free seeds with each order….no matter how small for a limited time!

Here is the deal….I just harvested some seeds on 4/25/22. Here is the deal….I just harvested some seeds on 4/25/22. Here is a short post detailing the genetics involved with these cannabis seeds.

Not only that…I will send one of these free seed orders for every $50.00 spent. Place your order today to take advantage!

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I reserve the right to substitute another strain if I run out of the cannabis strain ordered.

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Showing 1–16 of 54 results