Sour 60 Auto-Flower Donkey Dong (Green) Regular Cannabis Seed

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Minimum Order of 3 Seeds…$19.50

8/18/22….I have just harvested these seeds, (so freshness is assured) and Sour 60 is one of my favorite auto-flowers!

Just as it’s name implies it is a very fast maturing strain….about 60 days from seed to bud!

It is also a very stable strain (I think strain stability is a good thing)  with basically two pheno types, the purple and the donkey kong. Both of which are basically one large bud, with a few side buds.


Sour 60 Donkey Dong (Green) Pheno is the result of crossing Lowryder x Masterkush x Blueberry x Sour Bubble from the original breeders Mdanzig.

It is a super-fast auto-flowering hybrid created from a mesh of celebrity strains and designed for speed.

She will finish in 60 days, hence the name ?Sour 60?.


Sour 60 is an easy, forgiving plant to grow, and great for beginners.

(Lowryder x Masterkush x Blueberry x Sour Bubble) from the original breeders Mdanzig, is a super fast auto-flowering hybrid created from a mesh of celebrity strains and designed for speed. She will finish in 60 days, hence the name Sour 60.

Indoors, with a light regiment of 18/6, or 12/12, she will do fantastic, but she excels under 24 hours of constant light. Perfect for vegetative rooms, or areas with short summers, Sour 60 is so fast, you can grow several harvests in one short season outdoors.

As with most autos, we recommend growing them naturally (no stress training, or topping).
There are two distinct phenotypes, the Donkey Dong and the Purple. DD completes with only a few buds and one huge fat cola. TP completes with lots of bright purple, dense, frosty buds similar to a mini Purple Kush.

Perfect medicine for pain, stress, insomnia and nausea. Also good for PTSD. Flowering period is 60 days from seedlings..

13 reviews for Sour 60 Auto-Flower Donkey Dong (Green) Regular Cannabis Seed

  1. James Huffman (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with this order he gave me a few more extra of what I ordered.he also through in a few extra random seed to

  2. James Huffman (verified owner)

    I will also be ordering more seeds from him in the future

  3. Harleybarbie (verified owner)

    Very happy with my order they came really quick and the freebies are great! What a surprise to see my free seeds other places don’t hook you up with one seed let alone a few and then some. Do yourself a favor and place an order and you will be back!

  4. furianod

    Very happy with my purchase, and love the free seeds. Every seed germanated and are growing fast. Best seller I have dealt with and will return again.

  5. Shawna

    Love these lil plants grow fast and smell nice and got plenty of extra seeds On all I ordered and even got some of the purple phenos for free if you order from here you won’t be sorry

  6. Nasha Crichlow (verified owner)

    Received my seeds plus extra… Took about a week to arrive. He is so awesome!!!

  7. Michael VanBibber (verified owner)

    I am giving a 3 stars, only because have not tried to grow any yet. As for quantity, this first time I did not feel like I just got screwed. I am 55, most of my life, seeds came with every bag weed we bought. I have gotten rid of over a million seeds In my life time. Fist couple orders from other seed banks I felt like I got royally fucked. ( 20 seeds ) over $130. USD. Yes, I know , you ? pay for ? the genetics. With Just Cannabis Seeds, I didn?t feel like I was totally hustled. The seed packs I paid for, some the exact number I ordered, some nice amount of extras. Now for the ?FREE ? seeds. I ?ll be damned,, they were FREE, , and there was a freaking bunch. The most amazing part of my wonderful ( so far ) , experience with Just Cannabis Seeds was how unbelievably fast they got to me. I mean like I expected to see someone from company in my driveway. Order was processed in the afternoon of the 26th August, I got them a little after 2:00 PM on 28th of August. I could not have asked for them any faster. I know going to sound like I am ungrateful, I assure I am exceedingly. grateful for your generosity Just Cannabis Seeds has shown concerning quantity of FREE /Extra seeds customers receive. Sorry , but I have 2 minor ? complaints ?the low quantity? of strain selection offered, It is not a deal breaker. I just like having choices for consumption and breeding. Now #2, this is more of an age thing, ( if you old enough, ) you will agree.. The damn prices. Just Cannabis Seeds are comparably one of the cheapest. Sorry, but until I was in a cannabis legal state, never heard of anyone paying more then 1 or 2 dollars for all the seeds that was in your last bag of Cannabis you purchased. Sure as hell, never heard of anyone paying $1 or more for 1 seed. Oh well, that?s the price of not getting arrested and going to prison, and giving my money to the legal system. I look forward to ordering from Just Cannabis Seeds. As soon as possible, I will let you know if quality matches quantity It was delightful doing
    business with you.
    MRV (. Legal in IL )

  8. aj999

    Sour 60 donkey dong is a highly resilient plant. I popped 7 seeds of this strain and ended up getting 3 males. I pulled the males out and put them in the trash. At least 4 days had passed and I got the idea to grow the males out for their leaves. So I went and got all 3 out of the trash and put them back in soil and back under light with a scoop or recharge. Within 2 days they were standing straight up, regaining their composure and nice green color. The stress I put on the plants did not seem to phase them at all. They all grew to around 3 or 4 feet and grew out a sea of green leaves. The leaves even produced some nice trichomes on the leaves. I just thought this was a good story to reinforce that what you are doing is a fantastic job and that what you are growing are prime genetics that do not disappoint. They can take one hell of a beating and still produce a really enjoyable product. Granted, I know that these were only male plants, but it still speaks volumes about the fact that even the cheapest seeds you sell have the same high quality genetics. Also I would like to add that the potency, just in the male leaves, were extremely extremely potent.

    The female plants that grew out were very short and stalky with a big center cola that took up basically the entire trunk of the plant. Super dense hard nugs, not airy at all. Very good trichome production on both the leaves and the nugs. The high from both the leaves and the nugs is very pleasant. Definitely uplifts your mood, especially when you’re in a deep funk. Eventually you’ll want to take a nap if you smoke too much, and it’s not a strain you want to wake and bake with unless you don’t have much of anything to do. These plants can also take a decent amount of nutes. I didn’t have any burnt tips at all. Very very nice product, Jerry. Thank you
    Jolly Roger

  9. Mike

    Great plant!!! It was my 1st grow and it was so much fun. I grew it in doors in a grow box I made and it turned out great. Covered in trichomes, even a lot on the leaves. It was just super sticky with the trichomes. The trimmers would cake up with stickiness. It was very fragrant. I?ll make a carbon filter with the next grow to keep it on the down low. It was a smooth smoke, relaxing. My friends were like, no way you grew this. It?s grade A. I had to show some of my pictures to prove it. It was ready in 60 to 70 days from popping the seed to harvest. I highly recommend this strain.

  10. dw

    the seeds came quickly so I started germinated 4 of them that day.One was a male-so down to 3.they grew to 3 small compact plants, perfect for my small grow room.In all I grew about 2oz per plants -good stuff. I will be ordering more very soon..

    • Jerry

      Good deal DW, I am glad they turned out well.

  11. richard.apgar (verified owner)

    bought 5 they all popped fine turn out to be males

    • Jerry

      I am sorry about that Richard, but it is possible. I grew out 10 plants of one of my strains once to make seed, and all 10 were females. Tell me about that next time you place an order and I will send you some extras to make up for it a bit.

  12. Jarrell Griggs (verified owner)

    I originally wanted to pay with cash app, but i somehow switched my payment method & panicked. I reached out by email & sure enough was contacted the next morning with support. So 100% customer satisfaction. Can’t wait to get the seeds

  13. Mat K. (verified owner)

    Jerry had funds on Thursday, and I had seeds on Tuesday. Got a few extras on what I ordered and also got a vial of freebies. Great customer service. Great prices (especially on the sales). I am very satisfied with my purchases from Jerry. I have yet to grow any of the seeds I have gotten from Jerry, but next Spring, Sour 60 is going in my garden! (maybe some Lebanese too!)

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