Mi5 Auto-Flower Regular Cannabis Seeds

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Minimum Order 5 Seeds…$22.50

Mi5 is a great auto-flower strain for beginner cannabis growers. It grows vigorously and matures quickly. It’s potency rivals photo-period strains.

I’ve just grown these seeds out so they are fresh, and ready to go. You will not be disappointed with the MI5 auto flowering cannabis strain!


Mi5 Auto is an autoflowering cannabis strain developed originally by Short Stuff Seeds. I picked up my seeds that I grew out from New 420 Seed Guys. MI5 is a? ruderalis/indica/sativa variety that can be grown both indoors or outdoors. These plants reach maturity in about 65 days from sprouting. The Mi5 Autoflower packs a punch and is always covered in trichomes.

I always find it interesting how a strain is named. And Mi5 auto is no exception. The name simply stands for ‘My indoor number 5.’ And, is the product of 5 generations of selective breeding. The plants tend to be very resinous and can grow tall for an auto. Some of my plants were over 4 feet tall. Some plants will exhibit a purple phenotype…due to the Afghani added to the mix.

You can expect to harvest an ounce per plant and as much as 2 ounces per plant with excellent care. The plant generally produces one large cola, with strong side branching.

Indica dominate for a knockout stone, but enough Sativa thrown in that you should be able to get up off the couch. One of my favorite plants to grow, I love the rosin produced by this plant.

MI5 Auto-Flower Cannabis strain is a mid-sized cannabis strain that will still go from seed to harvest in about 70 days. It however is more potent, grows a bit taller/bigger, and shares some characteristics of a photo period strain.

Mi5 is great meds for a host of ailments….such as, pain, stress, insomnia, nausea, PTSD, ADD, and ADHD.


1 review for Mi5 Auto-Flower Regular Cannabis Seeds

  1. Billy

    Wow, Jerry really is all about customer service! Had a bit of a problem ordering. Contacted Jerry, and he just took care of everything and I got my seeds in just 2 days! I have finally found my one-stop cannabis seed shop!

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