The Black Regular Cannabis Seeds

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Minimum Order of 5 Seeds…$32.50

If you like purple cannabis plants then The Black Cannabis Strain is for you! This strain can turn so purple they look jet black!

Here is a short YouTube video that shows the plant structure…

These plants are a delight to behold and are sure to impress your growing buddies. They look exotic, and they produce seriously potent medicine.

Premium genetics for a cheap price, The Black Strain will not disappoint!


The Black Cannabis strain has been around for many years now, although not easy to come by. It was named The Black Strain because some of the plants may turn a beautiful shade of purple. If you like dark purple plants that produce copious trichomes then this Black Beauty Strain is for you. There is also a green pheno type present as well.

This black weed strain was developed by Canada’s BC Bud Depot, on Vancouver Island BC Canada. The actual heritage….mother and father are unknown.

The Black Strain was chosen as one of the top 10 strains of 2008 by High Times.

The Black cannabis strain is an Indica dominant strain coming in at about 90% Indica, and 10% Sativa, with THC in the 20%-25% concentration range.

This strain runs the gamut in taste and smell. Fruity, spicy, sweet, and smooth. You rarely cough from The Black, and its heavy Indica stone will leave you so relaxed you just might have to take a nap.

Great strain for insomnia, pain management, stress relief, migraines/headaches, nausea, and lack of appetite. The Black is a potent cannabis strain and caution is in order if you find large does of THC producing any unwanted effects, such as anxiety.

Once you find the dose that is effective for your conditions you are golden. The medicinal effects of The Black strain of cannabis are extraordinary.

This strain is suitable for cultivation both indoors or out.  Get a great deal on your next order. This beautiful black strain loves the sun (don’t they all) and grows best with low humidity.

Being an Indica dominant strain The Black tends to be short, (easy to conceal) and bushy. It can get bigger around then it is in height. Flowering time is about 7-8 weeks, you will know harvest is near if, and when the already beautiful dark purple buds turn jet black!

Grown well you can get a very generous harvest from this black weed strain, and produce potent meds.

The Black cannabis strain is a unique strain, and beautiful plant, and is sure to impress all of your grow buddies!










7 reviews for The Black Regular Cannabis Seeds

  1. Matt Mazur

    Just wanted to update. This strain is really impressive and now my favorite strain. I highly recommend it! Well worth the price by far. It’s great for breeding too it seems to carry the genetics really well. I see you put up the picture of the one that was close to 10 ft tall, that plant was a monster! Cold weather seems to really bring out the dark colors.

    • Jerry

      I agree, this is an awesome strain, as is it’s offspring the BadAss BB’s. I have little experience with it truthfully, but figured cooler temps could really make it darken. It would be very cool to selectively breed it till you created a strain that would consistently be black, and be stable.

  2. JILL

    This plant Originated in Spain. I bought the seeds from Seedsman originally. I Love Love Love THE BLACK, absolute BEST sleep med.
    No Dreams, No Dry mouth. Even the original Black had some that
    were very Dark Green and some that are Black. Jerry is now the only
    one who has these seeds as far as I can find.
    There is NO INDICA that can even come close to being as good.
    I accidently got loaded smelling buds that were cured in a 1/2 gal jar.
    A friend gave it to me (we are both growers) and we were all sitting around talking, and I was SMELLING. IT SMELLS WONDERFUL.
    Suddenly I realized I was getting loaded and still had to drive.

    • Jerry

      Yes, I agree Jill, this strain is special. The plants grow strong, and can be simply impressive. The perfect plant to impressive grow buddies!

  3. 19Deltafarms (verified owner)

    I got 2 about to go into flower let’s hope purples show

    • Jerry

      I hope so too, some turn purple and some don’t. The mother plant of these seeds was pretty dark herself!

  4. Sean

    You are right Jerry. One is still green and the other has dark purple/black leaves around the buds. I will be harvesting both this week.

    • Jerry

      Could you send me some images of the dark one? I would love to have some. I have sold many of those seeds, and it looks like the very purple ones are kinda rare, even though the mother plant was very purple. That is the thing about cannabis genetics….the mother is only 50% of the mix, so variations are possible.

  5. Sean P. Doyle

    I have 2 plants in week 4 of flowering. I`m wondering from someone that has grown this strain, when does it start showing purple?

    • Jerry

      There are a couple pheno types with that plant Sean. Some of them may not turn purple, while some can get very purple. If/when I grow out more of those seeds I will isolate the very purple plants to assure more purple ones. Send me some pictures of your plants on the forum, or in am email.

  6. Jon richmond

    Very easy to grow strain. Very bushy and frosty! I’m about a week or so away from harvesting and it just keeps swelling. Highly recommend!!!!!

  7. Matt Mazur (verified owner)

    So far an amazing strain! Highly recommended

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