The Black Regular Cannabis Seeds

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If you like purple cannabis plants then The Black Cannabis Strain is for you! They turn so purple they look jet black!

These plants are a delight to behold and are sure to impress your growing buddies.? They look exotic, and they produce seriously potent medicine.

Premium genetics for a cheap price, The Black will not disappoint!


The Black Cannabis strain has been around for many years now, although not easy to come by. It was named The Black because of the nearly black leaves at harvest. If you like dark purple plants that produce copious trichomes then the Black is for you.

The strain was developed by? Canada?s BC Bud Depot, on Vancouver Island BC Canada.? The actual heritage….mother and father are unknown.

The Black was chosen as one of the top 10 strains of 2008 by High Times.

The Black is an Indica dominant plant coming in at about 90% Indica, and 10% Sativa, with THC in the 20%-25% concentration range.

This strain runs the gamut in taste and smell. Fruity, spicy, sweet, and smooth. You rarely cough from The Black, and its heavy Indica stone will leave you so relaxed you just might have to take a nap.

Great meds for insomnia, pain management, stress relief, migraines/headaches, nausea, and lack of appetite. The Black is a potent cannabis strain and caution is in order if you find large does of THC producing any unwanted effects, such as anxiety.

Once you find the dose that is effective for your conditions you are golden. The medicinal effects of The Black are extraordinary.

The Black is suitable for cultivation both indoors or out. This strain loves the sun (don’t they all) and grows best with low humidity.

Being an Indica dominant plant The Black tends to be short, (easy to conceal) and bushy. It can get bigger around then it is in height. Flowering time is about 7-8 weeks, you will know harvest is near when the already beautiful dark purple buds turn jet black!

Grown well you can get a very generous harvest from this strain, and produce potent meds.

The Black is a uniqe, and beautiful plant, and is sure to impress anyone who beholds it!










2 reviews for The Black Regular Cannabis Seeds

  1. Matt Mazur (verified owner)

    So far an amazing strain! Highly recommended

  2. Jon richmond

    Very easy to grow strain. Very bushy and frosty! I’m about a week or so away from harvesting and it just keeps swelling. Highly recommend!!!!!

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