CBD Sweet And Sour Widow Regular Cannabis Seeds


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Sweet ‘N’ Sour Widow cannabis strain is a high CBD strain that is very effective medicinally! Get relief from chronic pain, and many other medical issues with this amazing strain.

Recreational users also find this much sought after strain to provide a calm, relaxed high. A high you will want to enjoy over and over.

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Sweet ‘N’ Sour Widow CBD Cannabis Strain was created in Spain, Barcelona to be exact. This cannabis strain is an Indica dominant at 70%/30% Indica/Sativa. It sports a 1:1….CBD:THC ratio. This strain is gentle as far as THC is concerned (8%), and great for that reason for beginner/novice smokers.

The flowers of the Sweet and Sour Widow CBD strain take on their namesake in terms of flavor and smell, as sweet onion, wet earth, and a woodiness contribute to this strains complex characteristics.

Flowers usually have red hairs and get big and fluffy, and beautifully covered with trichomes.

This strain is great for wake and bake, as the euphoric, relaxed state it produces within your mind and body will still allow you to remain functional for the remainder of your day.

Some have said this strain has strong aphrodisiac effects, so be sure to share it with your significant other.

Because of this plant’s high CBD levels, it is, of course, great medicinally. Wonderfully effective for treating a host of medical conditions such as stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and insomnia.

As with any medicinal applications you need to try the herb to know that it does indeed help you with your particular medical issues.

One needs to know that many high CBD strains can be a bit challenging to grow, and the harvest may not be huge. These plants will want to grow big and tall and take about 7 weeks of flowering time.

Whether growing it medically or recreationally you will not be disappointed with this strain. Hence it’s popularity!



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