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D’Qar Cannabis is another in the series of Star Wars strains developed by the breeders at the New 420 Seed Guys.

D’Qar is the result of a Darkstar x Jedi Glue cross and is a mostly Indica hybrid that comes in at about 90% Indica /10% Sativa.

A very medicinal plant D’Qar grows in the traditional small Christmas tree shape, with a dominant top cola. A strong hardy plant, that is very forgiving and easy to grow.


D’Qar is another Star Wars Cannabis series strain from New 420 Seed Guys. D?Qar is the result of a Darkstar x Jedi Glue cross and is a mostly Indica hybrid that comes in at about 90% Indica /10% Sativa.

This strain is named after the lush green planet of D?Qar from the Star Wars series.

Expect high THC levels, you will find this smoke both delicious and potent. The mother of the cross…Darkstar, a pure Indica strain, strangely grows gangly with lots of branching, kind of similar to old school Trainwreck.? The breeders at 420 seed guys corrected that by crossing the Darkstar with Jedi Glue.

The resulting hybrid has more Indica traits….fat leaves…thick stalks and branches….and big dank flowers.

Couch-lock is strong with D?Qar, the Indica dominance is obvious.

She has a delicious Indica smell and taste that tells you it?s going to be good before you ever try that first hit.

D?Qar is good for chronic pain, stress, and depression. Also good for PTSD.

Flowering period is 8 to 9 weeks.

  • Genetics: D’Qar Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Variety: Hybrid cannabis strain Indica Dominate
  • Type: Hybrid mostly Indica
  • Flowering: about 8-9 weeks
  • Harvest: Late October outdoors in the northern hemisphere
  • Growing environment: Great outdoors, but can be grown indoors as well
  • THC level: 22%
  • Characteristics: Tight crystallised nugs
  • Availability: in stock

1 review for D’Qar Regular Cannabis Seeds

  1. Robert Harrison

    Ahhh you lost me at “new 420 guy”.. I do not agree with his choices as a “breeder” or as a human being. Racism has no place in cannabis as far as I am concerned.

    • Jerry

      Paul helped me get started with this website Robert. Even though we may have our differences, I owe him my gratitude. I am discontinuing his strains that I carry, hence the clearance.

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