Black Caramel Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds


Clearance Sale…5 Seed Pack only $15.00…While Supplies Last…Limit One Seed Pack

This is a new F1 hybrid that my brother grew out. This  is a cross of The Black X Caramel Kush. I have only gotten my hands on a limited number of these seeds, and the price was right, so I am extending my good fortune to you…while supplies last!

He is the one that produces these strains I have on site…

The Black

BadAss BB’s

KickAss White OG

Black Alaska Purple Regular Cannabis Seeds

He has been a master grower for many years, and these strains have been chosen as his ‘go to’ strains after years of experimentation.

Frosty, vigorous, and potent medicine! Very Indica dominate, so if you love Indicas…here you go.


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