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Sugar Haze is a Seedsman strain that is sure to please. With a THC level of over 23% this strain is not for the faint of heart. This hybrid is fast flowering, and a pleasure to grow. A must for anyone’s cannabis seed collection.


Sugar Haze Cannabis Strain is the result of crossing Santa Marta Colombian Gold with Sam the Skunkman’s Original Haze plant. You can thank Seedsman for this great strain.

This Santa Marta Colombian Gold comes from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains in Columbia.

It thrives high in those mountains and has been used by the natives of the region for 100’s of years. The Santa Marta Colombian Gold is an inbred landrace strain that has been popular in the US and elsewhere since the 60’s.

A very ‘old school’ lineage of cannabis.

The original haze half of this pairing is a combination of several landraces that generally improves any plant it is crossed with.

Sugar Haze is a fast flowering Sativa dominant plant, that can boast upwards of 23% THC! Fast, and potent for a great combination. By careful selective breeding, this cross will finish outdoors around the end of October in northern latitudes.









1 review for Sugar Haze Regular Cannabis Seeds

  1. Jeri

    Good name, as the buds look like they were rolled in sugar! They are tight, and fat!

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