Blue Punai


Minimum order of 3 seeds…..$13.50

Blue Punai is a hybrid cannabis strain straight from the Islands of Hawaii. I bought these seeds wholesale from a customer, and they are an awesome addition to my offerings. This cannabis strain will likely need a long season outdoors…..but the wait will be worth it.

This mostly Indica cross is great meds for a variety of conditions.

Test germinated and ready to go….


Blue Punai is a strain I got from a customer….Thanks Bevan. This is an F1 hybrid of Blue Hawaiian and Punai, thanks to Molokai Seeds. These plant can get big, and covered in dense sticky buds. The strain comes in at about 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.

Best grown outdoors in a long growing season, or started indoors and put out in the early spring. You could also grow these out in a shorter season with the help of a greenhouse to give her time to yield a lot of amazing, sweet, intoxicating bud.


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