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Minimum Order of 5 Seeds…$22.50

BadAss BB’s is an F1 hybrid, and the result of the pairing of a The Black male, and a The Big female. Check out the mother in the images. She was grown in a greenhouse and kept down, or she would have been a monster!

These plants also have the possibility of turning purple in the cool temperatures of fall.

Both these parent strains are high THC, Indica dominate hybrids that produce seriously potent meds.

BadAss BB’s will definitely do the same, and likely show some great hybrid vigor as well.

I have not grown these out yet, and am excited to give you the chance to, and the price won’t break the bank.


BadAss BB’s is the name the grower (my brother) decided to name this F1 cross of The Big X The Black. Both strains are solid Indica type plants with a couch-lock high that will last.

The Big Strain is a hybrid cross of G13, and Butterschoch Hawaiian, while The Black Strain is a hybrid of ?….they have kept its lineage to themselves, so we may never know. The Black Strain was however one of High Times best 10 strains of 2008! One thing we do know is The Black is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that will push you deeper into couch-lock.

BadAss BB’s is a cross that is sure to please! The Black Strain boasts over 20% THC, while The Big can be even higher.

Both parent strains were developed by the breeders at BC? Bud Depot, and have been around for many years. This may be the first time they have been hybridized and offer for sale online.

This hybrid cannabis cross is great meds for all aliments that a strong Indica helps, such as insomnia, stress, anxiety, and appetite.


3 reviews for BadAss BB’s Cannabis Regular Seeds

  1. Kevin

    I haven’t gotten to flowering yet but this is the real deal. I used direct to soil germination and 2 days later had a quarter inch tall plant. It has not slowed down at all. Big healthy leaves.

  2. Cheri (verified owner)

    Really happy with this plant. Grow time, size, yield, product results. Clean body, no dulling, good for daytime. Started in greenhouse, taken outdoors before veg, not difficult. Thx

    • Jerry

      Yeah, that is an awesome cross….both parents were impressive!

  3. Drew

    What gallon of a pot or whole was this mother plant in?

    • Jerry

      She was in the ground.

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