Beginners Cannabis Auto-Flower Seed Pack Regular Seed


Beginner Auto-Flower Seed Packs contains 25 seeds total of 5 different auto-flowering cannabis strains that are great for beginners (5 seeds of each strain.) Fast-growing, and fast-finishing!

I will choose 5 of my top-selling autos for each order. These will be the fastest, easiest cannabis plants to grow.

A Free Cannabis Seed Order will be included in each order, at zero cost to you. These can be your free practice seeds to hone your cannabis cultivation skills till you are confident in your abilities.

If you are a beginner these are the cannabis seeds for you!


Are you a first-time cannabis grower?

Just learning the cannabis cultivation ropes?

If so, then this Beginners Cannabis Seed Pack is for you.

You will find 25 auto-flower seeds in each pack. These seeds will be made up of 5 strains of auto-flower cannabis seeds that I carry, and they are some of the easiest to grow for beginners. Auto-Flowering cannabis finishes fast and gives less time for the grow to go south….less time for bugs, mold, root problems, ect.

You will also get a free seed order in each Beginners Cannabis Seed Pack. These seeds are completely free and you may want to grow a few out before growing out seeds you have paid money for. Great ‘practice’ seed and you might just get some great bud from them as well.

Don’t forget to download a grow bible as well, here is that link…Free Cannabis Downloads.

I too am only an email away if you have questions.

I will help you grow your own medicine, you have got this!



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