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Welcome to our free download page. Here you will find some pdf’s that you can download to your computer completely free, with no strings attached. Although these e-books are somewhat dated, they still contain a wealth of timeless knowledge. So please take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy! Just right click, and choose ‘save link as.’

Greg Green – The Cannabis Grow Bible

Big Book of Buds

Basic Soil Grow Guide

Albuquerque HL Indoor Cannabis Garden Guide

Cannabis growing guide from DOPEQUEST

Hydroponics – The Basics

Indoor Marijuana Cultivation

Closet Growing – The Easy Way

Pruning Tips for Marijuana Plants

Curing Marijuana

Pruning Marijuana


Jack Herer – The Emperor Wears No Clothes-2

Marijuana Plant Care


Growing Elite Marijuana

The Marijuana Grow Bible

Cannabis Alchemy

Cannabis Strain Base

The Beginners Guide To Growing Marijuana

The Cannabis Breeders Bible

The Little Book Of Cannabis

Cannabis Science – Grow Lights

Handbook Of Cannabis

Ultimate Strain Guide