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Customers Testamonials

Once again spectacular service and truly my purchases get to me faster than anyone else that I buy from. Your offerings are exceptional and I know the quality is special. You have become my go to shop. Not to mention the way you spoil us with freebeez all the time. Best I can say is thank you for your knowhow and your willingness to share it with us in your seeds and if we need to reach out.


I saw a post in a forum talking highly about JustCannabisSeed.com so I did some research to see if others thought this was a good place to get seeds. It looked legit from what I could find so I ordered some hard to find beans. I got all my questions answered quickly via email. Ordering and shipping was quick and in good order. The seeds I got are exactly as advertised…WOW! I’m always careful about getting ripped off so I thank God for places like this. I’ll be ordering from this seed bank again for sure.


Thanks so much for offering this deal. I’m so excited to grow these babies. I’m really tight on money and have a toddler so I can only work part time and it’s not easy, and the only meds that work for me are the natural ones. And growing myself has saved me so much money but I find it hard to come up with $100+ every time I need to reup on my seeds. This kind of a deal is what I’ve been waiting for! For a few months now… thanks and god bless you for helping out people like me who can’t afford seeds from the larger seed bank websites.

Erica G.Erica G.Customer