Himalaya Blue Diesel Auto Regular Cannabis Seeds

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Himalaya Blue Diesel Auto Regular Cannabis Seeds is a strain I got in a trade, and grew out this summer.

This is an awesome auto flowering strain developed by Short Stuff Seeds. A combination of Nepalese Kush Auto, New York City Diesel, and some Blueberry thrown in to give the strain its wonderful blueberry aroma.

This strain tends to turn purple in the cool temperatures of fall for you purple cannabis aficionados.

Chunky, tight, compact buds covered in crystals, give a substantial harvest.

This strain has strong medicinal effects, thanks to it’s Indica heritage. Great for relaxing, controlling pain, and treating insomnia.



Genetics: from Short Stuff Seed Bank
Variety: Indica dominate hybrid
Type: Auto Flower
Flowering: 56-70 days seed to weed
Yield: high
Harvest: 70 days
Morphology: medium compact plant
Type Of Grow: Good for SOG
THC level: 17.5%
Characteristics: easy to grow
Effects: couchlock…sleepy
Availability: 5 pack
Indoor: Yes
outdoor: Yes
Medicinal: Yes
Symptom relief: Depression, ADD, ADHD, fatigue, PTSD, insomnia
Avalibility: in stock

1 review for Himalaya Blue Diesel Auto Regular Cannabis Seeds

  1. wavygravy2001

    I grew 2 of these . Unfortunately they did not turn purple because temps were around 75 degrees their whole cycle. Speaking of cycle, it took over 100 days to finish.

    • Jerry

      I have a few autos that are likely what they have called super autos Wavy. They are a bit more long winded then regular autos, likely because of less Ruderalis influence.

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