Blue Haze Auto 2.0 Regular Cannabis Seeds

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Minimum Order of 3 Seeds…$19.50

Blue Haze Auto 2.0 was derived from Blueberry x Super Silver Haze x Magnum Auto x White Moscow x Pandora Auto.

This is a super-fast auto and can go from seed to harvest in only 67 days.


Blue Haze Widow Auto 2.0,? was developed by New 420 guy seeds. It was derived from: blueberry x Super Silver Haze x Magnum Auto x White Moscow x Pandora Auto.

This strain has been more commonly known as ?Blueberry Haze Auto.?

It is an Indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% Sativa) auto-flowering strain.

The Indica dominate high can result in couch lock…so beware!

It has a? pungent, berry/diesel smell, and a sweet, fruity taste. Blue Haze is good medicine for pain, stress or insomnia.

Blue Haze Auto is also good for PTSD, ADD and ADHD.

This is a fast auto and can go from seed to harvest in only 67 days.

  • Genetics: Blue Haze Auto 2.0
  • Variety: Indica Dominant Auto-Flowering Strain
  • Type: Hybrid Auto mostly Indica
  • Flowering: Seed to harvest in 67 days
  • Harvest: 67 days
  • Growing environment: Love to flower in the summer sun!
  • THC level: 22%+
  • Characteristics: Main top nug, with nice side nugs for an auto.
  • Availability: in stock

5 reviews for Blue Haze Auto 2.0 Regular Cannabis Seeds

  1. jim.janowich (verified owner)

    lets go–just got my 1st. order from jcs,my first auto grow,boy was i taken care of with the freebies,this site is the best. thanks jerry and merry christmas to all of us that are your customers!

    • aj999

      Yw Jim, thanks for your order!

  2. PVR (verified owner)

    It was great to find JCS and place my first order. Everything arrived in just two days (how did you do that??) and all the freebies are going to allow me to expand my little home-grown experiment and keep the 60?s alive in my head.

    Thank you, Jerry and JCS. You are the real deal and your attitude/philosophy shine through. Rare these days. Thank you so very much!

  3. dewey gauldin (verified owner)

    WOW, I didn’t expect what I got. I messed up my order on my end like 3 times & Jerry lead me to my pymt mistake, after that I got my order in about 5 days opposite sides of the USA. Getting soil prepped, waiting on perlite, I need another Ghouse lol, Jerry buddy you loaded me up & I do so thank you, I gave 2 friends your contact info. I’ll back soon. I grow straight from nice strong sprouts at 24hrs, then transplant to permanent 5 gal smart pot under 12/12, HPS 400W 4X4X6 straight to flower, 9 to 10 weeks the cake is baked! What’s your thoughts on that Jerry?

    • Jerry

      Sounds good Dewey, and that is pretty much what I did on my current seed grow. I flipped them at about the tried node. They are now fully mature, but look like auto-flowers.

  4. Rob

    Grew this like crazy. Wife says its so good no need to go to the dispensary anymore. Had no issues growing. First time growing and got 1 1/2 ounces from 1 plant. Seems great for first time. Started some more today.

    • Jerry

      That is awesome Rob, if your thumb is a bit green you will have no problem. Many of my strains are very potent. Even the free seed orders!

  5. dylan.t (verified owner)

    Have these started now so far so good process was fairly simple as well thanks again!

    • Jerry

      Sounds good Dylan, enjoy!

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