Shock Trauma Regular Cannabis Seeds


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Shock Trauma is a very therapeutic, medicinal strain with high levels of both thc and cbd.

Shock Trauma is perfect relaxation and sleep aid. Excellent medication for chronic pain, stress, depression, PTSD, fibromyalgia and PMS.

A very hardy, easy plant to grow. Not susceptible to PM, or root problems.


Shock Trauma, the result of a Medijuana x Night Nurse cross, is an Indica dominant hybrid with a very medicinal 1:1 cbd/thc ratio.

Shock Trauma has a heavy, but smooth and earthy Indica draw, and a flowery very aromatic air.

These traits come from its Night Nurse mother. Very pungent yet smooth with a sweet almost chocolate flavor.

Be ready to be medicated by its very strong sedative effect, which comes from Dad, an Indica strain called Medijuana.

The high CBD provides great pain relief, while an equally high dose of THC soothes, and relaxes you. A powerful head buzz takes away all anxiety and can make sleep come easily.

Shock Trauma will send warm waves of pleasure surging throughout your body and is the perfect relaxation and sleep aid. Good medication for chronic pain, stress, depression, PTSD, fibromyalgia and PMS.

Shock Trauma is an Indica dominant plant developed by the breeders at New 420 Seed Guys.

I produced these seeds myself. I found Shock Trauma to be a strong, easy to grow hybrid and is a pleasure to grow. I will also have these seeds available for bulk, wholesale prices too.

The flowering period lasts about 60 days.

Shock Trauma Seed Grow

  • Genetics: Shock Trauma Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Variety: Hybrid cannabis strain Indica Dominate
  • Type: Hybrid mostly Indica
  • Flowering: about 60 days
  • Harvest: Early October outdoors in the northern hemisphere
  • Growing environment: Great outdoors, but can be grown indoors as well
  • THC level: 24%, and high in CBD as well
  • Characteristics: Nice tight nugs
  • Availability: in stock


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