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Indoor Shock Trauma Cannabis Seed Grow

October 2019

I’ve decided to share what I’m growing on my blog. You can have your own cannabis grow diary here on Just Cannabis Seed if you like. Just go over to the forum under Cannabis Grow Diaries.

Flowering period for Shock Trauma is about 60 days.

Shock Trauma Bud
Shock Trauma Bud

Shock Trauma is a cross of Medijuana and Night Nurse and is a indica dominate hybrid with a 1:1 cbd/thc ratio. This strain was bred and developed by the master breeders at New 420 Seeds.

Shock Trauma is an excellent medicinal strain with a high level of cbd along with thc. This strain has that heavy, deep earthy indica draw, with a sweet aromatic smell. These traits came from its Night Nurse mother. Smooth and pungent, with a decadent nearly chocolate flavor.

The Medijuana father adds his very strong couch lock high to this plants wonderful medicinal effects. With both high levels of cbd and thc Shock Trauma is great for pain relief, and inducing deep restful sleep.

Fully Seeded Shock Trauma

The powerful head buzz smooths away any anxiety leaving one relaxed, and sleepy, the heavy body stone only adds to the medicinal effects. Great medication for pain, stress, and depression. Also helpful in the treatment of PTSD, fibromyalgia and PMS.

Most all my grows are to produce seed these days. Growing cannabis for seed is a bit different than producing bud. You do not have to be too concerned about plant size for one thing, as even a small plant can produce 100’s of seeds. When producing seed from a photo strain of cannabis such as Shock Trauma, you can initiate flowering at a younger age then when producing bud, as again the size of the finished plant isn’t as critical.

You feeding regime is different as well. When producing bud you want to curtail much of the nitrogen when feeding giving way to more phosphorus for bloom. Phosphorus gives bigger flowers…bigger buds. When producing seed I feed nitrogen throughout the life cycle of the plant as I want big, fat, fully developed, mature seed.

Although I don’t keep track of the days of my grows. nor watering schedules and things like that. I just look at the plant to tell what it needs. I realize many like to keep track of everything, and that is not a bad way to go! . And, this is a place you can do that. Feel free to add images, and all the content you want. You could post every day if you like. Again you can keep a grow journal here.

Here are some images of my Shock Trauma Seed grow. You may copy and use any of my images on your own website if you have one. I only ask for a back-link to

Santa Marta Colombian Gold Are Up Next

I germinated these Santa Marta Colombian Gold seeds in the orange pot, then transplanted them into their forever homes. When growing seed I can put several in a pot as the size of the plant is not really an issue. And, just so you know I had 6 out of 6 sprout for 100% germination rate! I tend to be a bit old school, and love growing these landrace cannabis strains.

Also, I just planted a landrace cannabis strain called Pieburt. You can just seed the first seed making a showing.

And, now about one week later, I see I had 100% germination of the Pieburt Seeds.

Grow Diary Update 11/10/2019

November 18, 2019 Well it is chop day for the Shock Trauma seed grow. The seeds have been maturing for a couple of months now, and upon inspection are pretty much fully mature. After a bit of curing time, they will be on-site and offered wholesale.

Shock Trauma, Santa Marta Colombian Gold, and Pieburt Seed Grow

Santa Marta Colombian Gold Seed Grow

Here is the Colombian Gold seedlings as the continue to grow.

Pieburt Landrace Cannabis Seed Grow

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