Free Seed Grow 9/15/21

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Hey guys, I just grew out some plants for free seeds.

But this summer was brutally hot, and I have been busy so these plants were neglected a bit during the heat. Therefore they did not reach their full potential.

They seeds are the very same genetics as the seeds that made up a free seed order for the last few years. You can read about them on the free seed product page.

Because I will only get several hundred of these seeds I have decided to simply give them away with every paid order….while supplies last.

You will find some grindspoon type of genetics, some Sativa, and some autoflower seeds in the mix.

Be aware these plants were sprouted late in the season (during the hot spell) and did not put on much size. That certainly is no indication of how large plants grown from these seeds may get.

I get many first time growers buying my cannabis seeds here onsite, so these would be awesome seeds to practice with.

I love giving out freebies, so here ya go!

New Free Cannabis Seed Grow

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Well they are sprouting, and I am looking for ward to a BIG free seed harvest in a few months. It seemed hard to justify spending the time to harvest photo seeds for free seed orders….but these orders really help alot of folks out.

I felt I need to continue to offer these! So this post will be ongoing as I grow these plants out. I am growing the same genetics I had before, so a mix of the big Sativa, and a bunch of auto flowering genetics thrown in.

Here are some images of the strong young seedlings that will be producing the seeds for you guys…..


Transplanted into their forever homes, 5 gal pots.

How I Handle the Freebies

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Just a quick post to tell you guys how I generally handle giving out freebie cannabis seeds.

I am going to give most orders some free seeds….even the very small orders…so free seeds in nearly every order! The only two exceptions would be a free seed order of $15 (which I have had to curtail temporarily, I am growing more!) and, the various seed packs I offer….they are already a great deal.

Also, if you order seeds I have purchased wholesale you will get at least one extra seed of any strains ordered. However if you order seeds I have grown out myself, and especially if I have many of them I will be even more generous.

If your order is under $50.00 you will get an extra vial of free seeds of another strain I sell (everyone gets some free seeds!) For every additional $50 for an order I will include another free strain. Basically the more you spend the more generous I will be with the free seeds.

I tend to spoil my customers a bit….I do this because I want to be your go to for cannabis seeds. I want everyone to become a repeat customer….

If you still have any questions about free cannabis seeds be sure to ask me in a comment below.

Free Seeds! Landraces, Autos, Photos and Good Genetics! Tell Me About Your Free Seed Grow?

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I have always used the paper towel method. I prefer a moistened paper towel that I place my seeds in. I then put it in a plastic bag and let it sit over night in a dark closet. I also put a heating pad on low under the tray. This method has always worked extremely well for me. I live in a humid coastal region. Which can be a good and a bad thing…

I just wanted everyone to know that I have noticed a huge difference in the way this site works. Its not just me either. We have had more new members join our forums/blog in a short span of time than ever before. That is something to be proud of for sure. If your anything like me, I am trying to help Mother Nature a bit. I think we have messed her up enough. So let’s try and bring her back to where she was 100 years ago. Cleaner, fresher, not so pissed off…

So that is why I wanted to say thank you Jerry ! I truly appreciate the fact that your are putting out such a good fresh viable product. I literally dropped 12 and they had all popped in less than 24 hours. I have never had such beautiful things morph out of this little tiny thing. You are so prompt on getting our packages out. If you pay cash it seems to be there in two days. I am very happy to be part of this movement. You are putting genetics back where they need to be and doing a kick ass job while doing it. The Mandela effect works ! – Your a plethora of knowledge and I am a sponge ready to absorb it all…

Thank you Ashley,

These are the some pictures of our free seed grow….

Flowering Marijuana
Flowering Cannabis

White Widow, Jack Herer, and Afghani Auto-Flower Seed Grow

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New Auto Flowering Seeds to add to the Mix!

Just a quick post to add some images of some plants I am about ready to chop. Some of these seeds are destined for the free seed jar, and some will be put for sale. I’m going to try to do a slideshow with these….

Well today 10/11/20 is chop day for the White Widow Auto-Flowers, Afghani Auto-Flower, and the Jack Herer Autos. These seeds will soon be available to you to purchase here online. These are the fully mature plants below. See the fat calyxes? There is a seed inside of each, that would want to grow in your garden! 🙂

Cannabis Plants Grown From The Free Seed Offer

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Beautiful Bud From a Free Seed Order
Beautiful Bud From a Free Seed Order

Hi, a quick post to share a few images of some plants that were grown out from seed in the free cannabis seed offer. I know many think this is some kind of scam, but I assure you it is not. It is just my way of giving back a bit to the cannabis community.

There really is no reason for a seed bank to not to have an offer like this, the big no-name Sativa I grew out produced over 50,000 seeds.

I enjoy giving folks a great deal, I tend to spoil my customers….why? Because I want all my customers to be repeat customers. Many have said they have found their forever favorite seed bank.

I grow many of my own seeds that I sell onsite.

If I buy seeds and grow the plants out to produce seed, and the plants end up being photo-type plant when they are supposed to be auto-flowers, or an auto-flowering plant when they are supposed to be a photo-type plant… the free seed jar they go.

All the seeds in the free seed jar are fresh as well, and I have gotten many reports of 100% germination of these seeds.

These pictures are from people who have gotten a free seed order and grew them out, be aware that your results could be different as growing expertise comes into play as well.

All cannabis growers are not created equal….some thumbs are very green.

And Ashley’s thumb is very green.

Most of the images are from her grows, and you can see some of the phenotypes from the big Sativa are awesome. Well crystallized, and impressive.

You simply do not have to spend a ton of your hard-earned money to grow some great plants, and it gives you a cheap way to find out just how legit I am. You will not be disappointed.

Order the Free Cannabis Seed Order and you can grow plants like these as well!

Anyways, without farther ado, here are those images….

The images below were sent to me by Ashley. She grew all these plants from the seed in a free seed offer. Ashleys’ thumb is obviously green! I think those are some pretty nice plants for a $15.00 investment. The Sativa genetics in the mix can produce beautiful results!

And, here are some plants I grew to produce some of the seed in a free seed order. Keep in mind that seeded buds do not attain the size of unseeded or sinsemilla buds. So if these plants were grown for seedless bud they could stack on much more flower weight.

All of these are auto-flower cannabis, with names like Gorilla Glue, Afghani, White Widow, Amnesia, Sour Diesel, Bubba Kush, Blue Dream. I grow them out and don’t get a male. I suspect seed banks have begun to sell feminized seed as regular seed. When I don’t get a male these strains become crossed, and I don’t want to sell them as an auto cross, so in the free cannabis seed jar they go. My loss is your gain!

Growing More Cannabis Seeds to Add to the Free Cannabis Seed Offer

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Hey, I am growing out some plants, producing seed to add to the free seed jar. These will all be Autoflower F1 crosses.

Here is what happened, which seems to happen too much. I scour the web looking for regular cannabis seed in order to grow them out, get a male, and make seed. Often it seems I get no males, out of 15 plants I get no males?? Seems many seed banks sell feminized seed as regular seed…..irritating to say the least.

I bought regular seed of…Cream Carmel Auto, Amnesia Auto, Gorilla Glue Auto, and Mawba Negru Auto, and not one male! So I decided to use what pollen I had saved up and pollinate the plants myself, and just add any resulting seed to the free seed jar.

I had pollen from Sour 60 auto-flower, and the Force photo strain. So out came the pollen, and I blew it all over my plants twice a week apart. I can see it took, and there are many cannabis seeds being produced.


The plants continue to grow and mature their seed for my free cannabis seed jar. Anyways, here we are a week closer to chop, and those great new auto seeds for you guys.

Just so you know, when producing seed you will not get those huge colas that you see when producing sensimilla. The plants when not exposed to pollen will continue to stack on flowers in the hope of holding out long enough to get pollinated and produce seed….the ultimate end all plants want.

When producing cannabis seeds the plant puts most of it’s resources into maturing it’s seed, and propagating it’s species.

Here are some more images of the autos as they mature. It looks as thought the Gorilla Glue matures very quickly, and is almost done. I will continue to share the process of harvesting the seed, and preparing the seed for sale.

Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seed Harvest For the Free Cannabis Seed Offer


Well chop time for the Gorilla Glue, crossed with either Sour 60 Auto, or The Force Photo males. These will be some F1 hybrids that will like exhibit some hybrid vigor, and grow fast and strong.

The Gorilla Glue is quite crystalled, and looks dank, and potent. Again, I will tell you that the buds do not attain the size of unseeded sinsimilla buds. Once a plant is pollinated its main focus is to mature that seed to propagate itself.

If you look closely you can seed the swelled calyxes with the cannabis seeds nestled neatly inside.

How does one know when the cannabis seeds are mature on a plant?

Well, you simply pick a few of the seeds from the top of a bud (these would be the last seeds to be formed) and remove the outer covering (calyx) to see if the seed is large, dark, and mature. Once these last seeds are mature, you know the rest will be too.

It looks like there will be a few thousand seeds perhaps on these two Gorilla Glue plants, they will be a great addition to the free cannabis seed offer.

I will share pics of the Gorilla Glue plants below…


Well it was whack day for all the Auto-Flower plants I was growing for seed for the free cannabis seed offer. I got fewer seeds then I thought I would, but such is the nature of hand pollination of cannabis plants. I will include more images of some of the plants included in the free seed deal.

And, again, I will remind you that cannabis flowers do not get as big when you are producing seed. The plant will puts it’s energy into maturing the seed (it’s whole purpose in life) rather than stacking on new flowers. You can easily see the crystallization of the buds, and their structure.

Cannabis Seeds I Produced For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer.

Here is how many Auto-Flower cannabis seeds these plants produced. I was a bit disappointed, but hand pollination has it’s limits. I would have gotten many more seeds if I had a male cannabis plant and simply let nature take over. I will be having a new seed counting contest soon, and these will be the seeds to count. Good Luck!

New Seeds For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer
New Seeds For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer

Here are the final images of the plants/seeds being added to the free cannabis seed offer. These plants grew out strong and healthy.

I will say again that the buds on these plants may not seem to be that big. The reason as I have said previously is that when a female cannabis plant gets pollinated it’s ‘juice’….energy, goes to maturing the seed rather then stacking on more flowers.

So, as you can see, you will be able to grow some great cannabis plants even from a cheap free cannabis seed order. Take full advantage of all I have to offer at the Weed Seed Shop.

New Strains of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds To Be Added to the Free Seed Jar……BAM!

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Hey all, hope life is treating you well, as we travel through these uncertain times. Cannabis is one constant that will always give you pleasure, whether growing the plants or consuming your prized buds.

I bought, and grew out several strains of auto-flowering cannabis plants just recently. I did not get one male!! I think I was sold feminized seed! That sucks, and is not surprising. I send the genetics you order, I think getting the wrong genetics is just a terrible way to do business.

So I had about 10 beautiful auto flower plants just begging to make my seed. What to do? Just so happens I had some Sour 60 Auto Flower pollen, as well as some pollen from a strain called the Force. So I pollinated the plants.

Many seed banks would simply sell the F! crosses for top dollar. I’m not that keen on F! crosses (even though they will likely display hybrid vigor.) So these seeds are destined for the free seed jar.

My free cannabis seed promotion has been a very popular offering. I make no money on these orders, they are simply a way I can give back to the cannabis community.

So the free cannabis seed offer will have some of these genetics added to the mix. Cream Carmel Autos, Amnesia Autos, Gorilla Glue Autos, and Mawba Negru Autos. Then of course the male half of these F1 crosses will be the Force, and the Sour 60 Autos.

Here are some of the plants that will be added to the mix….

Growing Cannabis the New Way

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Guest Post From Michael, Thanks Michael

Relearning the cannabis grow industry after a 40 year hiatus.

Lady Bugs on a Cannabis Plant
Lady Bugs on a Cannabis Plant

1979 was a great year as an 18 year old I just had my first successful grow of 10 plants!

It was a different growing culture then, I had germinated my seeds with paper towels and a desk lamp. And I must mention the seeds I used were from an unknown strain that I harvested from several ?4 finger bags” or “lids”, sifting them with my drivers in my turntable cover.

Old school smokers will know exactly what that process was.

I Then transplanted then into small pots in my mother?s cc pipe and bisque greenhouse to a height of about 6 inches.

I then trudged into a patch of woods by my house cleared a spot in the middle of a briar thicket and replanted them in a mixture of soil, potting soil, and miracle grow. For the next 2 months or so I made a daily trek with two gallons of water and put my plants on a three-day rotation water cycle.

No pruning no notes nothing except water sunshine the elements and miracle grow. My plants grew to an unruly 4 to 6 feet tall and produced about 2 pounds of decent product.

1979 was also the last time I have been able to partake of the herb.

Due to a succession of jobs and a career in which all my employers regularly test for THC I have been unable to enjoy the herb culture. Oh off course during that time I have on an occasion verbally recreated but it was rare.

Fast forward to now 2020 I am now 57 years old soon to retire and the laws concerning the herb culture is becoming more and more lenient both in penalties and enforcement.

Tiger Striped Cannabis Seeds
Tiger Striped Cannabis Seeds

I am now looking at growing with the new techniques and it seems overly complicated.

Or am I just a dinosaur from a bygone time?

As I try to educate myself in current grow culture it seems I need a degree in botany, horticulture, and chemistry.

But hey I?m game and decided I will try ?Grow buckets” then after that maybe ?DWC Hydroponics”.

My first step in my journey of ?rediscovery” was the cannabis seeds themselves.

Man was I shocked as I scoured the internet I found many places selling seeds for what I felt were exorbitant prices.

Free Cannabis Seed Order
Free Cannabis Seed Order

Then I stumbled onto and saw that there I could for 10 dollars get a good quantity of seeds, up to a hundred I think. Of course, it is a mixed bag of unknown strain but I felt the way to go ad I am dipping my toes into a new grow science.

I ordered my first seeds from Jerry @ on 13 May. I notified Jerry on 25 May that I still had not received my seeds (who knows maybe they were intercepted) he said no problem he would put me more in the mail, as he guarantees one shipment.

So as of this writing I am eagerly waiting with my 5 gallon grow buckets. CFL lights 200 watts per bucket and intake and outtake fans.

Any advice you new world growers could give an old school out of touch grower would be greatly appreciated.

Just please dummy it down! 🙂

The Cheapest Cannabis Seeds You Will Find Anywhere Online!

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Spell it Cheap, Cheep, Cheaper, Cheapset, You have come to the right place!

Jar Of Free Cannabis Seeds
Jar Of Free Cannabis Seeds

I know that is a bold statement, but wait, I have done some research! I find no one else offering marijuana seeds cheaper for sale online. If you know of marijuana seeds any cheaper anywhere online please let me know in a comment….I may have to lower my prices!! 🙂

I want my website to rank for the keyword cheap….so just in case you didn’t know, here is everything you have ever wanted to know about the word that best describes my cannabis seeds…..CHEAP!……

Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest, Cheapie, Cheaply, Cheapish, Cheapishly, Cheapness, Cheapo, El Cheapo, Cheapen, Cheep. And To Make Sure I have Not Left Out A Cheap Word Here Is The Websters Definition Of The Word Cheap! Cheap in price…never in quality!

And of course I want to also rank for all the words for our favorite plant Cannabis. Words like Pot, Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis, Mary Jane, and all the normal misspellings like….Marijana, Marajuana, Marejuana, Canabus, Cannibis, Canabus, Canabis, and even Canobis….

So, is my free cannabis seed offer really ‘free.’ Well, the cannabis seeds are actually free, but…..

There is little online that is completely free, someone has to package them and pay for shipping. So you will always have to pay for that. But, that is what you are paying for……the cannabis seeds….are free!

Order Of Free Cannabis Seeds
Order Of Free Cannabis Seeds

But, even with the 15 bucks I charge for shipping and handling, you are still getting over 25 cannabis seeds delivered to your door. Which works out to less than a buck a seed. I have now sent out many of these free seed orders, and not one complaint…

One person got back to me to report 100% germination of these free seeds. These seeds are fresh, none are over a year old, so expect a very high germination rate.

I have produced all the seeds in my free seed jar myself.

I grew out a huge Sativa type plant, that was supposed to be a hybrid. She grew big and strong in my greenhouse, even though it got well above 100 degrees. She produced over 50,000 seeds, they are all in the free seed jar.

Big Sativa
Big Sativa

I have also grown out…..several different autoflowering plants, that were all supposed to be photo plants. All of these seeds also found their way into the free seed jar.

Anytime I am producing seed, and either have no male, and pollinate with another stain I am actively growing at the same time. This can produce a hybrid that I do not want to sell, then those seeds go into the free seed jar.

Cheap Cannabis Seeds
Cheap Cannabis Seeds

Sometimes I will purchase seed from one of the other seed banks if the resulting plants are simply not what they are supposed to be, those seeds to find their way into the free seed jar.

So now you know where all these seeds came from, and this is why I offer my free cannabis seed offer for free.

I want to do my part to overgrow this world with cannabis. I want to give back to the cannabis community, I want to see cannabis growing all over. Help me to bring my dream to fruition….plant my cheap ‘free seed’ everywhere!

And, my free seed offer aside, I offer some of my best maijuana seeds at the cheapest prices you will find online.

I myself have not seen another seed bank offer pot seeds online as cheap as my $2.50 seeds. Here are my cheap $2.50 a seed auto flower strains…Sour 60 Regular Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds, and Sour Lowryder 2 Regular Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds. Buy 10 (the minimum order for some of the cheapies) or buy 100, the same low price.

If you know of anyone anywhere offering marijuana seeds this cheap online please share that with me in a comment.

I want all my weed seeds to be cheaper than most seed banks who ask 10 bucks and up for just one cannabis seed. You will never see a $10.00 cannabis seed on This is my promise to you!