The New Free Cannabis Seeds Offer

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The plant above is the Girl Scout Cookies Auto Mother of some of these free seeds!

Just a quick post to share the genetic make-up of the free seeds I am offering with every paid order right now.

I was going to fire up my 20 buck free seed offer, but decided I simply do not have enough of these seeds to go very long with those.

So what to do….give every paid order….no matter how small a vial full (about 20 seeds) of these very fresh seeds I just harvested.

So without farther ado, these seeds should all be autos, and will be F1 crosses of these popular strains….Sour Lowryder 2 Auto, MI5 Auto, Girl Scout Cookies Auto, and The Forge Autos.

These plants will likely exhibit some great hybrid vigor, and should be potent, and robust! You will likely get some awesome plants from these seeds for sure!

Everybody loves a deal, and to get the most bang for their buck, so here is your chance! Place an order, and enjoy these great seeds!

Auto Flowering Cannabis Strains, Perfect for Beginner Growers

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Sour 60 Purple Pheno
Sour 60 Purple Pheno

Autoflower strains are becoming increasingly popular in the cannabis enthusiast communities.  Autoflowers can produce wonderful yields in just several weeks, and are also great for beginners, especially those who have not yet mastered light cycles when growing cannabis. In this guide, we will cover all sorts of topics on autoflower strains, emphasizing on how to grow them for maximum yields.

The Origins of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strains           

The origination of auto-flower strains lies in their genetic makeup which came from the plant named Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis Ruderalis is a strain of cannabis which is native to Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, and was identified in Russia in the 1920s by a Russian botanist. It is a strain that differs from Cannabis sativa and Cannabis Indica, as it tends to be much shorter in size, possesses very low amounts of THC, and does not rely on changes in light cycles for flowering. Due to the environmental conditions that Cannabis Ruderalis plants faced in their place of origin, adaptive evolution was necessary in order for the plants to bypass the traditional 18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness cycle that cannabis growers are familiar with. Experimentation of cannabis growers involving the creation of hybrid plants, with Cannabis sativa and Ruderalis, and Cannabis Indica and Ruderalis, is what ultimately resulted in autoflower strains that we know today.

Plants that follow the traditional light schedule are referred to as “photoperiods,” and rely on the sun’s (or lights’) signals which, essentially, tell the plant hormones when to start producing flower. This is why we typically decrease the amount of light from 18 hours down to 12 hours when photoperiod strains are ready for flowering. It mimics the natural decrease in daylight that occurs in the later parts of the year outdoors.

Autoflowers, in contrast, rely on the factor of time to start producing flower, and can begin the flowering stage as quickly as the three to five week mark of growth. Autoflowers are typically ready for harvest around two to three months from germination. This changes in phases happens regardless of the light cycle which they are exposed to, since they rely on a time schedule rather than light schedule to start producing bud. These autoflower strains grow at a speedy pace, and can grow in smaller, more confined spaces- making them ideally suited for many beginner cannabis growers.

Pros and Cons of Auto-flowering Cannabis Strains

Here, we will list some of the pros and cons of autoflowers, so that you can take into consideration on deciding whether or not these strains are for you.


o   Will grow regardless of light cycle which they are exposed to

o   Can flower year-round

o   Grow very quickly

o   Commonly smaller plants, which is great for confined spaces

o   More resistant to diseases and pests


MI5 Purple Pheno Cannabis
MI5 Purple Pheno Auto-Flowering Cannabis

o   Smaller yields (often, but not always)

o   Not able to be cloned

o   Not as successful in recovering from growing errors

Now, let’s move on to our next topic- which contains several subtopics which serve as essential information on GROWING autoflower strains. From here, we will cover a wide range of subjects that are imperative to successful growth of autoflowers.


You MUST have good soil to grow an ultimate autoflower cannabis plant. Autoflowers prefer a light, airy soil, and there’s always the option to buy soil specially mixed for autoflower cannabis plants. However, you can mix your own soil, too.

If you’d like to buy premixed soil, the options are endless, and quality soil can be found by a simple search from an online or in-person retailer. Here are just some of the popular, highly-rated brands on the market today:

o   FoxFarm Happy Frog Potting Soil

o   Mother Earth Coco Plus Perlite Mix

o   Big Rootz All-Purpose Potting Soil

o   Black Gold 1302040 8-Quart All Organic Potting Soil

o   Roots Organics Rod Original Potting Soil

When mixing your own soil, an extremely basic recipe as follows can be used for optimal autoflower growth: equal parts peat moss, compost, and perlite, with one-third part vermiculite. This recipe, although simple, ensures that the proper nutrients (as well as the proper amount of nutrients) are included in the mix.

AutoFlowering Cannabis Plant

It is advised that once you have your soil ready and mixed, to measure its pH level. When measuring the pH of the soil, it is best to keep the numbers in the 6.2 to 6.7 range. You do not want your soil to be too acidic (lower pH) or too alkaline (higher pH). There are many pH meters available in-store and online so that you are able to keep track of your soil’s pH levels.

Lights and Light Cycles

Although, as previously mentioned, autoflowers successfully bloom no matter the light cycle they are grown in, there are still certain cycles considered best for growing autoflowers in. Some growers choose to use the traditional method of 18 hours of light, and 6 hours of darkness, although it is debated among autoflower growers. Some choose to keep their plants exposed to 24 hours of light, constantly. You can experiment to see which method is best for you. Many believe that exposing cannabis plants, even autoflowers, can cause too much stress on the plant. From my experience, the majority of cannabis growers tend to stick with the traditional light cycle for this reason. Another less-known fact is that darkness is necessary for optimal root development and growth in cannabis plants. It is not necessary to decrease the amount of light once the plant enters the flowering stage on its own.

If growing indoors, when choosing lights, there are a vast amount of options. Many popular LED grow lights are on the market, and run less of a chance on burning your plants. The option for lights remains up to grower and his or her experience and success. There should be absolutely no leaks of light whatsoever if you wish for your plant to experience dark phases as well, as the smallest bit of light can interrupt the dark phases of light cycles.

While there are countless types of lights that can be used when growing autoflower cannabis strains, full-spectrum LED lights are highly recommended. LED lights have proven to be both highly accessible and efficient. The full-spectrum very closely resembles the natural light of the sun, which is another reason LED lights have shown to be a favored choice among growers. However, there are many other options you may choose from; research and experiment as you wish.


In order to germinate seeds, you must first acquire seeds, right? Visit our shop at if you are interested in browsing selections of high-quality cheap autoflower seeds!

Autoflower cannabis seeds can be germinated in different ways with different mediums- in soil, the paper towel method, etc. It seems that the paper towel method is most common, but you may use whichever method you prefer or are accustomed to.

The paper towel method consists of placing the seed in a damp paper towel, and, for good measure, placing the paper towel in a container that will keep in humidity. It’s important that the paper towel remains moist, but not completely soaked. Once the taproot has emerged and is visible, carefully place the sprout between ½ inch and ¾ inch down into the medium that you plan to grow the plant in (all the way until harvest!), and cover.

If you’d like to germinate in soil (my favorite), place your seed around 15 mm under the soil. Ideally, you should do this in the pot or area that you plan on growing your plant in all the way to harvest, in order to avoid the issues associated with transplanting. Remember that autoflowers strains of cannabis are not as forgiving as photo plants when it comes to errors in growing, such as mistakes made while transplanting.

sour 60 purple cannabis plant 1
Sour 60 Purple Cannabis Plant

The process of germination should be as quick as 24 to 72 hours, and sometimes, even faster. Some even soak their seeds in water for up to 24 hours before following with one of these common germination methods. Soaking seeds for too long can result in seed death, though, so perform this only if you are willing to experiment and risk a loss, or have enough experience to know exactly what you are doing.


If you would like to add nutrients, be careful when doing so, because autoflowers do not spend as much time in the each stage of growth as photoperiods do, and autoflowers are genetically designed to not require as many nutrients as photoperiods. While the plants are small seedlings, it’s important to not add any additional fertilizers. These seedlings will be very delicate and vulnerable to nutrient burn, which is extremely detrimental to your plant’s health. By week two, you may begin to add in between ¼ and ½ the amount of nutrients as you usually would. Then, around week three, or midway through, it is safe to add nutrients in at full-strength.


Water your autoflowers only as needed. This means that a fixed schedule may not suit your plants best. Allow the soil to dry just barely between watering. It is much, much better for a cannabis plant to experience a small period of dryness in its medium than to be over-watered. Over-watering can lead to many problems, including root rot. With that being said, water somewhat conservatively, as over-watering can create a ton of issues that growers do not want to experience, especially with autoflowers. There is no need to absolutely saturate your plants on a daily basis, and it is a very common mistake that is made, especially by beginner growers.

Air Flow

Along with proper watering, your autoflowers will need proper air flow as well, even if that means just a slight breeze that the plants are exposed to during their “lights on” periods. If you’re growing indoors with a grow tent, for example, there are usually holes in the side(s) of the tents made for inline exhaust fans. You want to keep aerobic conditions, and air flow is a necessity for doing so.


Humidity is another important, and often overlooked, factor when growing autoflowers. During the germination stage, high humidity is imperative, and can be at an upwards of 80-90%. During the vegetative phase, 50% is a good number to aim for, and when flowering, just slightly lower than in the vegetative phase can result in major success. A simple hygrometer can be used to measure humidity in the plant’s environment. These are relatively cheap tools that can prove to be very handy when growing cannabis.

pH Levels

Purple Pheno-Type AutoFlower

Measure your soil’s pH levels regularly, and record those measurements if you believe it would help assist you in ensuring your autoflower plant is healthy and happy. The pH level should consistently remain between 5.8 and 6.5. As long as no damage is done to your plants, you may measure as often as you’d like- it never hurts to keep good check of PH for your autoflower plants!

When entering the flowering stage, autoflowers will most likely double, or even triple in size, at a fast pace. Monitor and maintain the plants’ environment as necessary, for this is a crucial phase regarding cannabis yields.

In the last week or two before harvest, flush your plants. This means to give your plants solely water- cut them off from any nutrients that have been provided to your autoflowers throughout the stages of growth until now. You may give them less and less nutrients in the week or two leading up to the flush- basically, you can wean your plants off of the nutrients that they have been given.

When your plants are ready to harvest, the pistils will be reddish-brown, and the trichomes white in color. Inspect and compare the top buds to the lower buds. If the top buds appear to have finished more quickly, give the buds closer to the bottom just a bit more time for maximum results. The uneven distribution of light can cause some buds to advance more quickly than others, so if you want the maximum yield from your plants, this is a good tip to keep in mind.

Cure and store your buds as usual. Usually, buds can effectively be dried by hanging them upside down for several days. Store your buds in airtight containers, and open the containers once daily for the first week of storage, then drop down to opening the container to every three days. This process can be completed as quickly as just a couple of weeks of time. This is called curing and is important to ensure a smooth, mellow smoke.

Controversy Surrounding Low-Stress Training on Autoflowers

Autoflowers spend much less time during their vegetative stage, so training needs to be very timely. Low-stress training (or LST) is the only recommended training method to be used for autoflower strains; topping and pruning is advised against when growing autoflower cannabis plants. For successful LST, simply tie down the plant stems, gently, so that the plant is horizontal rather than vertical. Regularly examine your plants and adjust the secured ties as necessary.

Do not top or prune your autoflower cannabis plants! Their vegetative state is short, and they may not recover well. And this can cause too much stress on autoflower plants, which can lead to lower yields or even plant shock and death.

Growing autoflower cannabis plants can be greatly rewarding. With faster growth rates, and no demand for specific light cycles, they show to be easy strains for beginner growers to try. Autoflower cannabis strains still have areas in which caution must be taken, though, and if all is performed correctly, autoflowers can result in impressive, quick yields, no matter the time of year.

Common Myths- Busted

Myth 1: Autoflowering strains have a low THC concentration.

Fact: There are autoflower strains which can provide relatively high amounts of THC- as high as some photoperiod plants. The potency of a cannabis plant is dependent on the strain itself, rather than if the plant is an autoflowering or photoperiod strain.

Auto Cannabis Flower

Myth 2: Autoflowering strains NEED 24 hour light cycles.

Fact: As stated before, it all depends on the particular strain that you are growing to determine which light cycle works best for your autoflowering cannabis plants. Some strains may thrive, producing their best yields in 24 hour light cycles; others may need some periods of darkness for maximum flower production. My favorite light cycle for auto-flower cannabis strains is 18/6.

Myth 3: Autoflower buds lack taste and scent.

Fact: This is false, as many experienced autoflowering cannabis plant growers will tell you. There are varieties of different tastes and scents of autoflowering plants among all sorts of strains.

Myth 4: You cannot transplant autoflowering cannabis plants.

Fact: You can, indeed, transplant autoflower strains. However, it must be done carefully, without disturbing the roots too much. If an autoflowering plant faces root shock, the recovery time (if the plant is able to recover) significantly disrupts the growth process due to the quick, speedy life cycle of autoflowering plants.

Myth 5: Autoflowers aren’t able to be trained.

Fact: One can successfully train an autoflowering cannabis plant, but it must be done with special care. If training is a desired method to be used, Low-Stress Training is the recommended type- although, as stated earlier in the article, there is controversy surrounding this method, so train at your own risk.

In Conclusion

Autoflowering cannabis plants are interesting, convenient, and recommended for those who are new to the cannabis growing community. Although autoflowers must be handled and tended to with extra care, they can produce impressive yields with extraordinary THC concentrations.

Visit to learn about popular autoflower strains, and as your go to for cheap cannabis seeds. There are so many to choose from, giving you the opportunity to discover which strain best suits you, personally. If you have any questions regarding autoflower strains, feel free to reach out on the contact page of website. We want to guarantee that you are knowledgeable so that your plants can reach their full potential!

White Widow, Jack Herer, and Afghani Auto-Flower Seed Grow

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New Auto Flowering Seeds to add to the Mix!

Just a quick post to add some images of some plants I am about ready to chop. Some of these seeds are destined for the free seed jar, and some will be put for sale. I’m going to try to do a slideshow with these….

Well today 10/11/20 is chop day for the White Widow Auto-Flowers, Afghani Auto-Flower, and the Jack Herer Autos. These seeds will soon be available to you to purchase here online. These are the fully mature plants below. See the fat calyxes? There is a seed inside of each, that would want to grow in your garden! 🙂

Absolute Easiest Cannabis Strains to Grow for Beginners

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What cannabis strain is easiest for beginner cannabis growers to grow?

Hi, I seem to have a lot of first time growers buy my cannabis seeds online. So I get asked quite often…’What cannabis strain is easiest for beginner cannabis growers to grow?’

Well, I have given this some thought, and I have decided that an auto-flowering cannabis strain would be the easiest for a cannabis newbie.

Although, I suppose financially my Free Cannabis Seed Offer is the way to go. You get about 25 cannabis seeds from various strains for a mere $15.00 total. You will find some auto-flowering cannabis seeds in the mix as well. These are some of the cheapest cannabis seeds you would find anywhere online to practice growing with. Be aware all auto cannabis plants are not created equal, some are a bit harder to grow well, then others.

There are a few auto-flower strains that are very hardy, very forgiving, and very fast to mature (less time in the ground for things to go south.)

Auto-flower cannabis plants flower when they reach a certain age….not by a longer dark period like their photo-sensitive cousins. You do not have to cut back the amount of light they receive in order to induce flowering.

Heck, they will flower under 24/7 lights. I have found through experimentation that they seem to do better with a short rest though. I, therefore, do an indoor auto-run of cannabis plants on an 18/6 light regiment. Lights on for 18 hours a day, and a 6-hour dark period.

Auto-flower cannabis plants also will remain relatively small in comparison to Photo-sensitive plants. Auto-flowering cannabis plants will usually attain a height of 2-4 ft.

They are much easier to conceal. Remember thieves abound, and can and will help themselves to all your medicine. First-time cannabis growers should be concerned with the concealment of their cannabis garden. There is no worst feeling than realizing someone came and hacked all your plants off.

Autoflowering cannabis also matures much quicker. This is a good thing for the beginner cannabis grower as the plants are simply in the ground for a shorter duration. Less time for bugs to get established, and less time for any root problems or other problems. If you incorporate a greenhouse, or and indoor grow room you can put them in when it is too cold outside, you can grow 3 crops in one summer grow season.

By growing several crops a year you can change up your meds occasionally which seems to make them more effective in treating illness. I love autos, and plant on concentrating on them somewhat. I would recommend most all the auto flower cannabis seeds I offer, with an emphasis on the Sour 60 Cannabis Strain, and the Mi5 Auto-Flower Strain as it is fast hardy and produces some great bud. And many of my autos tend to turn purple when mature, especially if exposed to the cooler fall weather.

New Crop Of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants

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Starting a new crop of autoflowers to create more seed for you guys. I am growing White Widow Autos, Afghani Autos, and Jack Herer Autos. I will add to this post as they are grown out. They should be about mature in late fall, early winter. Here are some images…

I am also conducting a bit of an experiment, and that is I am growing these plants out in the same soil, pots, of the Mi5 plants I just harvested. I see it said all the time ‘don’t transplant auto-flower cannabis plants.’ I transplant them all the time.

They also say ‘don’t reuse soil’ I reuse my soil all the time. I have harvested the Mi5 Auto Flowering plants, and then just dug a hole next to the stem of the harvested plant and planted the new seedlings. I will grow these out and update this post as it happens. Think the plants will grow well in the ‘used’ soil?

Yes, I think they will too. You can see the cut off stem next to the White Widow seedling in one of the images above.

MI5 Auto-Flower Cannabis Seed Grow

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I will be adding a new strain to the mix soon as I just chopped my Mi5 Auto-Flower plants to harvest the seed. The Mi5 strain was originally bred by Short Stuff Seeds. Here is what Seed Finder says about the strain….

“Mi5 Auto is an automatic flowering ruderalis/indica/sativa variety from New420Guy and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors where the female, auto-flowering plants need ?65 days from the seedling to the harvest. New420Guys Mi5 Auto is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.”

“Mi5 from Short Stuff Seeds. “Mi5” stands for “My Indoor number 5″ this strain is the result of five generations of selective breeding. After carefully searching, the 5th cross was selected and this is the result of all that work. Number five is very resinous plant, quite tall for an AK 47 plant cross, You can expect this strain to reach 2-4ft tall making it an excellent choice for tent growing. This plant has purple Afghani bred into it so if you grow it outside, it can produce a lovely shade of purple?. This is a great auto strain which will do great indoors or out but was originally created for growing indoors. Mi5 is excellent meds for pain, stress, insomnia or nausea. Also good for PTSD, ADD and ADHD.”

“Flowering period is about 65 days from seed.”

The plants grew strong, and vigorously in the mid-summer sun. We hit triple digits often in the summer, but these plants loved it and grew well. There is a purple pheno type, although the 7 females I grew out all remained green in color. The plants were all in the 2-4 foot range, and budded nicely.

They were also very cystalled, and look potent. I will be making rosin from they after I harvest the seeds, I will come back here to report on the potency of that rosin.

Here are some images of the plants, be aware that when growing plants for seed the flowers will not get as big as we\hen one is growing sinsemilla.

My First Auto-Flower Cannabis Grow

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Guest Post From my Friend, Thanks So Much

It’s me, the old lady who grows pot in her mobile home park.

This year I decided to give some auto-flower plants a try, no problem with my first harvest of Sour 60 AutoFlowering Cannabis and Lowryder Purple Pheno Cannabis.

Sour 60 Purple Pheno

One plant I grew in a 1.5-gallon self-watering pot, its a pot where you fill-up the bottom reservoir with water, I had the plant outside against the house where it would get pretty hot in the sun so I usually had to fill the reservoir daily.

That was the Lowryder purple pheno, it didn’t get very big but it flowered nicely producing less than a 1/8th. The

Sour 60 I had in a three-gallon container, true to word it was ready in 60 days but I let it go a bit longer, it was one solid bud!

The best part was I had that plant right out on my driveway against my house lined up with other outdoor plants like a dwarf peach, an ornamental cabbage, and geraniums and I decided its a new form of stealth grow. I had the plant out there the entire time and not one person ever noticed, those who drove by and even a few friends walking up my driveway would walk right past never noticing.

sour 60 purple cannabis plant 1
sour 60 purple cannabis plant

Thankfully it is legal for me to grow but one still has some concerns about theft if growing outdoors, but I was banking on my belief that for the most part people rarely pay attention to their surroundings and in this case they proved to be oblivious.

I am going to put some more out of the driveway, maybe make every third plant a pot plant? one expects to
see a plant in full bloom right out in the open let alone on someone’s driveway, and they certainly don?t recognize pot plants as quickly when they are only a foot or two tall.

I like to get stoned and amuse myself with little experiments such as this?..I guess the COVID pandemic
has us all looking for ways to keep busy at home.

Growing More Cannabis Seeds to Add to the Free Cannabis Seed Offer

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Hey, I am growing out some plants, producing seed to add to the free seed jar. These will all be Autoflower F1 crosses.

Here is what happened, which seems to happen too much. I scour the web looking for regular cannabis seed in order to grow them out, get a male, and make seed. Often it seems I get no males, out of 15 plants I get no males?? Seems many seed banks sell feminized seed as regular seed…..irritating to say the least.

I bought regular seed of…Cream Carmel Auto, Amnesia Auto, Gorilla Glue Auto, and Mawba Negru Auto, and not one male! So I decided to use what pollen I had saved up and pollinate the plants myself, and just add any resulting seed to the free seed jar.

I had pollen from Sour 60 auto-flower, and the Force photo strain. So out came the pollen, and I blew it all over my plants twice a week apart. I can see it took, and there are many cannabis seeds being produced.


The plants continue to grow and mature their seed for my free cannabis seed jar. Anyways, here we are a week closer to chop, and those great new auto seeds for you guys.

Just so you know, when producing seed you will not get those huge colas that you see when producing sensimilla. The plants when not exposed to pollen will continue to stack on flowers in the hope of holding out long enough to get pollinated and produce seed….the ultimate end all plants want.

When producing cannabis seeds the plant puts most of it’s resources into maturing it’s seed, and propagating it’s species.

Here are some more images of the autos as they mature. It looks as thought the Gorilla Glue matures very quickly, and is almost done. I will continue to share the process of harvesting the seed, and preparing the seed for sale.

Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seed Harvest For the Free Cannabis Seed Offer


Well chop time for the Gorilla Glue, crossed with either Sour 60 Auto, or The Force Photo males. These will be some F1 hybrids that will like exhibit some hybrid vigor, and grow fast and strong.

The Gorilla Glue is quite crystalled, and looks dank, and potent. Again, I will tell you that the buds do not attain the size of unseeded sinsimilla buds. Once a plant is pollinated its main focus is to mature that seed to propagate itself.

If you look closely you can seed the swelled calyxes with the cannabis seeds nestled neatly inside.

How does one know when the cannabis seeds are mature on a plant?

Well, you simply pick a few of the seeds from the top of a bud (these would be the last seeds to be formed) and remove the outer covering (calyx) to see if the seed is large, dark, and mature. Once these last seeds are mature, you know the rest will be too.

It looks like there will be a few thousand seeds perhaps on these two Gorilla Glue plants, they will be a great addition to the free cannabis seed offer.

I will share pics of the Gorilla Glue plants below…


Well it was whack day for all the Auto-Flower plants I was growing for seed for the free cannabis seed offer. I got fewer seeds then I thought I would, but such is the nature of hand pollination of cannabis plants. I will include more images of some of the plants included in the free seed deal.

And, again, I will remind you that cannabis flowers do not get as big when you are producing seed. The plant will puts it’s energy into maturing the seed (it’s whole purpose in life) rather than stacking on new flowers. You can easily see the crystallization of the buds, and their structure.

Cannabis Seeds I Produced For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer.

Here is how many Auto-Flower cannabis seeds these plants produced. I was a bit disappointed, but hand pollination has it’s limits. I would have gotten many more seeds if I had a male cannabis plant and simply let nature take over. I will be having a new seed counting contest soon, and these will be the seeds to count. Good Luck!

New Seeds For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer
New Seeds For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer

Here are the final images of the plants/seeds being added to the free cannabis seed offer. These plants grew out strong and healthy.

I will say again that the buds on these plants may not seem to be that big. The reason as I have said previously is that when a female cannabis plant gets pollinated it’s ‘juice’….energy, goes to maturing the seed rather then stacking on more flowers.

So, as you can see, you will be able to grow some great cannabis plants even from a cheap free cannabis seed order. Take full advantage of all I have to offer at the Weed Seed Shop.

New Strains of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds To Be Added to the Free Seed Jar……BAM!

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Hey all, hope life is treating you well, as we travel through these uncertain times. Cannabis is one constant that will always give you pleasure, whether growing the plants or consuming your prized buds.

I bought, and grew out several strains of auto-flowering cannabis plants just recently. I did not get one male!! I think I was sold feminized seed! That sucks, and is not surprising. I send the genetics you order, I think getting the wrong genetics is just a terrible way to do business.

So I had about 10 beautiful auto flower plants just begging to make my seed. What to do? Just so happens I had some Sour 60 Auto Flower pollen, as well as some pollen from a strain called the Force. So I pollinated the plants.

Many seed banks would simply sell the F! crosses for top dollar. I’m not that keen on F! crosses (even though they will likely display hybrid vigor.) So these seeds are destined for the free seed jar.

My free cannabis seed promotion has been a very popular offering. I make no money on these orders, they are simply a way I can give back to the cannabis community.

So the free cannabis seed offer will have some of these genetics added to the mix. Cream Carmel Autos, Amnesia Autos, Gorilla Glue Autos, and Mawba Negru Autos. Then of course the male half of these F1 crosses will be the Force, and the Sour 60 Autos.

Here are some of the plants that will be added to the mix….

How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

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Advice on Autoflowers

Guest post by Logan, thanks Logan

So you?re probably wondering why grow an Autoflower vs a Photoperiod.

Well, I?m here to shed some light on why learning to grow autos can be rewarding. I really do mean ?Learning?, because there is a learning curve on how to maximize growth and yield.

Lady Bugs on a Cannabis Plant
Lady Bugs on a Cannabis Plant

Firstly the benefits of growing auto-flowering cannabis plants is plain and simple, quick weed in a short space of time, c?mon we?re busy people and we want instant gratification, two to three months to get at least two ounces who can?t live with that?

So one thing you have to remember and it?s the fundamental rule, your autoflower pot plant is on the clock, you don?t have time to spare. I would advise that you grow your auto on at least an 18/6 light schedule, you can do 24 if you desire.

Indoor growing is ideal you can make sure your plant gets the maximum light vs outdoor growing. You would need a good grow light, LED or HPS preferably with a 1000 watt output or equivalent.

There are LED grow lights that only use 100 watts but output 1000 watts so that very economical.

Next, you need a deep pot, 3-5 gallons. Autos roots like to grow downwards so they appreciate the depth. For soil I would recommend any Peat Moss based grow medium with perlite, a 70/30 mix is ideal. Autos like light airy soil so that their roots can grow easily and it?s breathable.

Cannabis Sativa 1
Cannabis Sativa 1

This next rule is I would say the most crucial, plant your germinated seed directly in the pot you plan to grow it, they do not like to be transplanted, if you transplant you may lose at least a week of growth and remember, you?re on the clock.

This one factor can be the difference between having an actual plant or something looking like a mini bonsai cannabis plant.

Now bear in mind even if it is small you will get a yield, a very sad 1-2 grams.

Yes it hilarious to see one of these.

Next, feeding is very important you want these plants to basically grow as if they were on steroids, now don?t overfeed but don?t skimp on the nutes, observe your plant and if it responds with no problems then you?re on the right track.

Don?t overwater, make sure your PH is good, same as growing any cannabis plant.

As for training, low-stress training is best if you so decide, whatever to do, DO NOT top an Auto, you?ll set your plant at least a week back to recover, time which you don?t have.

And lastly enjoy yourself, these Autos are so much fun to grow, once you?ve mastered an auto you feel like you?ve unlocked a life achievement.

Some people give auto flowering cannabis a hard time saying they don?t yield much, lower THC, yadda yadda yadda.

Most likely these people failed at doing everything right and blamed the genetic instead of themselves. Any successful grow belongs to you the grower, it?s not going to be easy but if you follow these simple steps you?ll be on the right path and you can always improve on your technique, but start with a good foundation.

After your first successful grow you?ll be even more motivated to keep pushing the limits of these awesome auto flower strains.

Strains I recommend for beginners are Durban Poison Auto and Sour 60 Auto.

I hope I was able to help and inspire some of you to grow an auto flower cannabis strain or even retry it. Never give up and never surrender. Success sometimes takes practice!

Keep on Growing!