Jedi Glue Cannabis Strain Review

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The Jedi Glue Cannabis Strain was bred and developed by Paul, and the guys at New420SeedGuysdotcom. This is a mostly Indica strain, with THC levels at about 30%! Jedi Glue was created by breeding a Gorilla Glue female with a Jedi Kush male.

The buds from the Jedi Glue Strain are big, dense, and killer frosty. The Jedi Glue smells, and tastes like this a sweet citrus glue. These plants can get big, and provide an excellent yield.

The Jedi Glue strain is great medicine for pain relief, insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, which also can help the effects of AIDS, stress, PTSD, and ADD.

Jedi Glue Cannabis Strain
Jedi Glue Cannabis Strain

Flowering time: 60-65 days.

Jedi Glue Cannabis plants being F1 hybrids are very hardy, and grow very vigorously.

They are a forgiving plant to grow, and would be a good choice for your medicine.

Jedi Glue plants do great indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse.

And, with only about 60 days of flowering time they will become frosty deliciousness before you know it.

Also, I just made a new hybrid that is a cross of Jedi Glue X Santa Marta Colombian Gold.

This is an F1 hybrid and will exhibit hybrid vigor, so these plants could get big, I mean really big. Like maybe one of those 10 lb monster cannabis plants.

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