Strain Spotlight…Sour 60 Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strain

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Sour 60 (Sour Sixty) has become a strain that is well-known in the cannabis industry and by cannabis enthusiasts. It is plentiful in dispensaries and its seeds can be acquired right here at!

Sour 60 Purple Pheno
Sour 60 Purple Pheno-Type

There has been much curiosity surrounding the mentioning of its name, so we will cover some interesting facts about Sour 60 Auto-Flowering Strain.

Sour 60 is an evenly proportioned indica/sativa hybrid- 40% indica and 40% sativa. The other 20% belongs to ruderalis genetics, which offers the auto-flowering cannabis characteristics.

It was named “Sour 60” because of its impressively quick growth period- this strain can reach maturity from seedling in just 60 days!

The parent plants of this hybrid (which we thank for its genetics) are Lowryder x Master Kush x Blueberry x Sour Bubble. Familiar with these awesome weed strains?

Sour 60 was bred from the best!

The flavor that Sour 60 provides has been described as both sweet and spicy, and is undeniably and pleasantly strong.

Being that it is a hybrid with equal amounts of genetics from Indica and Sativa, its effects cover a broad range of issues that many experience, including insomnia, stress, pain, and anxiety!

sour 60 purple cannabis plant 1
Sour 60 Purple Cannabis Plant

It is also known for its extravagant healing effects on those who suffer from chronic stress disorders, such as PTSD, as well.

There are two distinct phenotypes of Sour 60: Green Donkey Kong and The Purple Phenotype. The Purple phenotype produces equal cannabinoid content distributed in more buds than with Donkey Kong.

The Purple phenotype also has more of a purple hue to its flower, although Donkey Kong still has attractive purple undertones.

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My Life With Cannabis

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My first encounter with Cannabis was through a story I was told by my father who grew up in Fez, Morocco.

MI5 Purple Pheno Cannabis
MI5 Purple Pheno Cannabis

The story, which dates back to 1942, is a tale of young boys ? my father and his brothers – who decided to horse around with their mother. Somehow, the three oldest brothers managed to buy Hashish and on Friday night dinner they put the hashish on their mother?s plate. She ate it with her dinner without noticing anything at all.

The food she had prepared for the family was enough for both Friday and Saturday for 9 people (parents and 7 children) since cooking on Saturday ?the Sabbath- is prohibited in the Jewish religion.

The family woke up on Saturday only to discover that both the entire prepared and raw food had disappeared from the house. All the pots and pans were empty.

It turned out that the mother of the family, under the influence of the Hashish she had eaten at dinner, woke up in the middle of the night and ate everything in sight ? without knowing it.

For a long time I was against marijuana under the influence of all who opposed it without offering any good reasons why. I have since changed my mind.

Last summer my wife went to Europe and I asked her to buy a few cannabis seeds. She bought three and brought them back on August 4th.

On August 5, 2019, I planted one seed in my garden. It grew into a beautiful plant. I showed it to a few people who commented that it was a model plant that could be on a poster.

Unfortunately, frost came very early in 2019 and before the frost I dug out the plant (very carefully) and put it in a huge planter. It continued to do beautifully indoors but I noticed that its growth had slowed.

Thin Cannabis Flower
Grindspoon Type of Cannabis Plant

I did not provide special lighting to the plant.

It also did not help that my little 12Lb dog started feasting on the bottom leaves and behaving very strangely! Eventually I did put a fence around the plant to protect it from the dog.

The winter in New York is very long and although the plant survived for another 3 months indoors it stopped growing and eventually died.

I did realize I needed 2 more months for the plant to mature but I did not have that time. Now some of my seeds are in the ground, two full months earlier than last year?s experiment.

I truly hope to succeed this year!

A Harel

Purple Strains Of Cannabis Seeds

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Buy Seeds That Grow Purple Strains of Marijuana (Cannabis)

Sour 60 Purple Pheno Cannabisabis
Sour 60 Purple Pheno Cannabis

Whether you call it marijuana, pot, weed, or even ganja, or the correct name cannabis…everybody always seems to want that purple bud! Big, dank, purple buds, covered in trichomes!

Some strains are prone to developing just purple flowers, while others will sport purple leaves, and even stems. I think a cannabis plant is a beautiful plant, especially the purple strains.

And I will admit, it seems that often purple strains are the best buds. I used to always separate the purple bud from the green, as everyone clambered for the purple strains.

But, why does some pot turn purple? What causes the purple strains to turn purple?

What Causes Purple Cannabis Strains

There are about many purple strains of weed available to purchase online today. The seeds of these strains will produce plants that will have that beautiful purple color, which can include the stems, leaves, and buds.

Cold Temperatures Can Cause Purple Strains

Years ago most of the purple coloration was caused by the cooler temperatures that these strains can be exposed to during the fall when they are maturing.

Selective Breeding Can Create Purple Strains

Through selective breeding, strains have been developed that turn purple even without colder temps. Although most purple strains of cannabis will turn even darker purple if exposed to those cooler temperatures.

I carry several cannabis strains on site that will grow out and display some of that beautiful purple coloration:

859 Granddad's blue cheese
Granddad’s Blue Cheese Strain

Granddads Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds

(Blue Tahoe Cheese F4 x Granddaddy Purple F2) is a mostly Indica hybrid (80% Indica /20% Sativa). This strain has a high THC level with a soothing head and body high together.

Expect effects similar to warming body buzz, mind relief, sleeplessness, and hunger, this strain was made to chill you out while keep you going. With a very grape-ish cheese smell and taste, this strain is perfect for those who want a cannabis strain that taste like it smells.

Great for battling chronic pain, stress, PTSD and depression. Flowers between 8 to 10 weeks. One of my favorite purple strains of cannabis.

Sour Lowryder 2 Autoflower Purple Pheno Regular Cannabis Seeds

sour 60 purple cannabis plant 1
Sour Lowryder Cannabis Strain

Sour Lowryder 2 (Sour Skunk Auto x Lowryder 2) is an auto-flowering Indica dominant cannabis strain that is ready to harvest in 63 days from seed.

This is the strain that set the benchmark for commercially grown auto-flowers. This makes Lowryder 2 Autoflowering cannabis strain of interest to the commercial grower as well as the hobbyist.

This strain grows well in Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors conditions. Sour Lowryder 2 comes in 2 distinct phenos, the green, and the purple strain. I have separated these phenos so you are likely to get beautiful purple buds from purple pheno type.. Sour Lowryder 2 boasts a high (15-20%) THC levels and low CBD levels (0-1%).

Lowryder 2 Auto strain was the second in a line of successful auto-flowering strains introduced, following the original Lowryder 1. With the introduction of the Lowryder 2 strain, there was improved potency, flavor and yield when compared to the original auto strain.

Following several generations of selective in-breeding Lowryder 2 has been fully-stabilized. With two distinct phenos.  The green pheno, and the beautiful purple pheno-type.

Therapeutically this strain has been found to be beneficial to sufferers of ADD and ADHD. And is excellent meds for pain, stress, insomnia or nausea.

Sour 60 Auto-Flower Purple Regular Cannabis Seeds

Purple Cannabis Plant
Purple Sour 60 Cannabis Strain

(Lowryder x Masterkush x Blueberry x Sour Bubble) from the original breeders, Mdanzig is a super-fast auto-flowering hybrid strain created from a mesh of celebrity strains and designed for speed. She will finish in 60 days, hence the name. Sour 60 :).
Indoors, with a light regiment of 18/6, or 12/12, this strain will do fantastic, but she excels under 24 hours of constant light.

Perfect for vegetative rooms, or areas with short summers, Sour 60 is so fast, you can grow several harvests in one short season outdoors. As with most autos, we recommend growing them naturally (no stress training, or topping).

There are two distinct phenotypes, the Green Donkey Dong and the Purple Strain. GDD completes with only a few buds and one huge fat cola. The purple strain comes with lots of bright purple, dense, frosty buds similar to a mini Purple Kush. It is the perfect strain for pain, stress, insomnia, and nausea. Also good for PTSD. Flowering period is 60 days from seedlings.

Paul’s Purple Fire Regular Cannabis Seeds

Budding Paul's Purple Fire cannabis plant
Paul’s Purple Fire Cannabis Strain

Paul’s Purple Fire cannabis strain is his original signature strain and one of his all-time best Indica hybrids from Newguy420seeds, Pauls Purple Fire (BX1F2) is an SFV OG back-cross.

Purple Fire (SFV OG x Grape Ape) x AK-48 x Original Grape 48 and then back-crossed back to SFV OG again. Several years had gone into the perfection of this very purple strain, making it a very popular and sought after.

This new PPF is even better than before. If you like hardball buds similar to Granddaddy Purple, you will love this strain with its loud AND spicey aroma, hard-hitting Indica buzz and short flowering time.

And, did I say…the buds of this strain will turn a beautiful dark purple…they can almost look black.

Great for battling pain, loss of appetite, combating stress or insomnia. Also good for PTSD. The flowering period is about 8 to 9 weeks.

Paul’s Blackberry Fire Cannabis Seeds

Paul's Blackberry Fire Cannabis Strain
Paul’s Blackberry Fire Cannabis Strain

Paul’s Blackberry Fire is a combination of Blackberry Diesel x Pauls Purple Fire An accident in the grow room brought us this wondrous beauty.

Paul’s Blackberry Fire has a heavy Indica high with the ultimate couch lock. Another terrific new addition to Paul’s top shelf purple strains, it has a very strong diesel/berry fire smell and an excellent taste as well.

Paul’s Blackberry Fire strain does very well indoors or outdoors and is heavy yielding very potent strain either way. Expect big beautiful purple buds from this strain!

Excellent meds for anxiety, pain, stress, insomnia or nausea. Also great for battling for PTSD, ADD and ADHD, the Flowering period is between 8 to 9 weeks.

This great strain was developed by master breeder Paul at

The Black Cannabis Strain

The Black Cannabis Strain
The Black Strain

If you like purple cannabis plants then The Black Cannabis Strain is for you! This strain can turn so purple they look jet black! The ultimate purple strain!

These plants are a delight to behold and are sure to impress your growing buddies.? They look exotic, and they produce seriously potent medicine.

Premium genetics for a cheap price, The Black Strain will not disappoint!

BadAss BB’s Cannabis Strain

The Big Cannabis Strain
The Big Cannabis Strain

The BadAss BB’s Strain is an F1 hybrid, and the result of the pairing of a The Black male, and a The Big female. She was grown in a greenhouse and kept down, or she would have been a monster!

Both these parent strains are high THC, Indica dominate hybrids that produce seriously potent meds.

BadAss BB’s will definitely do the same, and likely show some great hybrid vigor as well.

I have not grown these out yet, and am excited to give you the chance to, and the price won’t break the bank. Another great purple strain for you guys to grow and enjoy!


While most cannabis strains are still some shade of green. There are plenty of purple strains available that will give you those big, dense, purple buds everyone craves.

At this point in time, all you need to do is choose the strains that are prone to developing that distinct purple coloration. And, in case I haven’t mentioned it lately, you always get the best top-shelf genetics here from JCS, and all for some of the cheapest prices, you will find anywhere! Visit my seed shop and you will see what I mean.

Paul’s Purple Fire Strain Review

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Paul’s Purple Fire cannabis strain is his original signature strain and one of his all-time best Indica hybrids from Newguy420seeds, Paul’s Purple Fire (BX1F2) is an SFV OG back-cross.

Purple Fire (SFV OG x Grape Ape) x AK-48 x Original Grape 48 and then back-crossed back to SFV OG again. Several years had gone into the perfection of this strain, making it a very popular and sought after strain.

This new PPF is even better than before. If you like hardball buds similar to Granddaddy Purple, you will love this strain with its loud AND spicey aroma, hard hitting indica buzz and short flowering time.

Great for battling pain, loss of appetite,combating stress or insomnia. Also good for PTSD.

This cannabis hybrid’s name is well deserved, for after lighting it up, you will experience a blissful high. The buds are large, tight, and very nice! They have reddish hairs, and are literally covered in trichomes.

The taste is spicy grape sweetness…smells good enough to eat. The buzz is a body and head combination, an indica stone that is both calming and very relaxing. Medicinally, it can be used as a pain reliever, and to treat depression, and paranoia. Pauls Purple Fire is a great sleep aid.

The effects of smoking this strain is a nice body buzz, a smooth, relaxed feeling, minor aches and pains melt away, and then you get a hit with the sleepiness. There is no doubt why this strain has become so popular. Shop for Paul’s Purple Fire now.

Flowering period is about 8 to 9 weeks.

CannaMetric Profile (Lab test) 22 Nov-2017 (Outdoor crop)

THCA: 17.0%; Delta-9 THC: 1.1%

Total THC: 18.1%

Flowering period is about 8 to 9 weeks.

CannaMetric Profile (Lab test) 22 Nov-2017 (Outdoor crop)

THCA: 17.0%; Delta-9 THC: 1.1%

Total THC: 18.1%