Shock Trauma Coming Soon!


(Shock Trauma x Black Widow) is an indica dominant hybrid a medicinal strain with high levels of thc and cbd created by New420Guy Seeds breeder Scott Sedita.
Widow Shocker has a big buds and unless maintained early on it will STRECH. This strain is perfect for Scrog Growers, and delivers great big hairy nugs.
Initial inhale is a skunky, flowery aromatic taste from its Shock Trauma momma. Pungent and smooth with a fuel-like taste, be ready to be sedated by its very strong sedative effect, which it must inherit from its Black Widow father. The high CBD provides the pain relief, while an even higher dose of THC does you good. Powerful head buzz takes away all anxiety along with possibly short term memory in to high doses. Pleasure waves surge through the body, making this another fantastic relaxation and sleep medication. Good for battling chronic pain, stress, PTSD and depression. Also helps with suffering from fibromyalgia and PMS.
they flower period is about 65-80 days. (Depending on environment


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