Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower Regular Cannabis Seed

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Minimum order of 3 seeds…..$15.00

Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower Regular Cannabis Seed. Finally added this strain that has withstood the test of time. I have just harvested these on 4/4/21. So they are very fresh, and viable. I am falling behind on these descriptions, I appoligize. You can read about these strain all over the web, but will likely not find any cheaper anywhere else.

I grew these seeds out, and was impressed but their crystallization. There were two distinct pheno types of this strain. One is the normal large central bud, with side buds. And one is a more Sativa like pheno type and grew taller, and in the classic Christmas tree shape. You will likely get both pheno types in your order.

6 reviews for Gorilla Glue Auto-Flower Regular Cannabis Seed

  1. Travis B (verified owner)

    Grew out both phenos of this auto from JCS. Was very pleased with the speed and found this plant does well in a 3gal grow bag if using soil.I grow organic and this plant is a loud one. . Very happy with JCS.

  2. Harley Center

    Good prices.

  3. Marc Kelso

    I would only like to by one I am 63 and would to see what the hype is.If you have free seed to try i would love afell Thank So much

    • Jerry

      I am turning 70 soon, so right there with you Marc. It cost me too much to ship to sell single seeds. Truthfully I almost want to limit orders to $50.00 or more. Bite the bullet, and place an order, having a few extra seeds around is always a good thing Marc.

  4. Lee Ann Campbell

    Beans came in record time, packaged perfectly, soaked 2 beans, both popped perfectly and are now in veg state. Will return to this site when needed more beans for sure. Extra beans and free beans also in the order. Thank you A+++

  5. Doyle Landers

    Purchase three of them …I was sent four,plus four reg.seeds all of them sprouted and they on the run now…. bought them and received them on the third day super fast and Jerry is awesome 👍 would recommend to any one cause top quality is all I can say!!!!!

  6. Jay Marsh

    I would like to purchase some seeds please.

    • Jerry

      Sounds good, put in an order, and contact me via my contact page if you need to.

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