Afghani Auto-Flower Regular Cannabis Seeds


Minimum order of 3 seeds…$19.50

Afghani Auto-Flowering Cannabis is an Indica dominate cannabis plant that will rival its photo plant heritage in its potency.

A strong hardy plant that would be a great choice for beginners. If you want to grow plants in a rough environment, this is the strain for you.

Afghani Auto Flowering cannabis is sure to please! Get yours while supplies last.



Afghani 1 Auto-Flowering Cannabis is old school cannabis in an auto-flower form.

Afghani is of course from the hash-making regions of Afghanistan. A pure Indica that has been around forever it seems. This auto-flowering strain is the result of crossing an Afghani 1 photo plant with a Ruderelis plant.

The buds will have that sweet, earthy, somewhat spicy taste and smell of its cousin the photo Afghani, coupled with the popular ultra-relaxing Indica stone….ie, couchlock!

This plant tends to be very hardy (it came from the rugged Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan after all) and is very mold-resistant….a real plus if you grow in a humid environment.

Afghani Auto-Flowering cannabis does well both indoors or out. The plants stay fairly small so are easy to conceal outdoors, and won’t push your lights up indoors.

This cannabis strain comes in at about 17%-19% THC, and is the beginning of that great black Afghani hash, that was so popular back in the day. Afghani hash is hard to come by these days, but certainly not difficult to make your own.

The plants mature in about 12 weeks, and the buds will be covered in trichomes…for sure!

Medicinally this cannabis strain offers the deep relaxing Indica type of stone. Great for insomnia, pain relief, stress, anxiety, or if you simply want the cares and troubles of the day to melt away.

This is genetically a very high-quality auto-flowering hybrid, that will produce buds with copious resin production, and should exhibit hybrid vigor….grow strongly, and fast.

You will find this autoflower will convince you that an auto can be just as potent as a photo plant. You cannot go wrong with this old stand by of the cannabis world. Pick up your pack today!






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