Ata Tundra Regular Cannabis Seeds


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Ata Tundra by Seedsman is a hard-hitting Indica dominant hybrid that will push you deeper into your couch. This plant is very hardy and easy to grow, a great choice for beginner cannabis growers, and those with more experience as well.

If you like Indicas, you will love the Ata Tundra cannabis strain.



Ata Tundra Cannabis Strain is a F1 hybrid of two pure lines of landrace cannabis plants. One parent comes from the far north of Alaska USA. Alaska is the home of Matanuska Thunderfuck, among others. The other parent hales from Kazakhstan….a region that extends near northern Afghanistan, up by Uzbekistan and Russia.

When growing this strain of cannabis out you will notice traits from both parents. You will find it to be a pure Indica cross, that flowers fast…just 45 days. Even though it is a fast finisher it still can create a THC level of around 20%.

The hardiness of the plant, coupled with it’s short flowering time (end of September in the north), makes it a great choice for either beginner growers, and/or guerrilla growers.

It produces a hard-hitting Indica high, with a lemony smell and taste. The couch-lock is real, and great meds for insomnia, pain control, and anxiety. The buds tend to be tight, and compact.

Very easy, forgiving plant to grow, can even hold up to light frosts. You will find it is a pleasure to grow.






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