Lebanese Regular Cannabis Seeds


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These Lebanese Landrace cannabis seeds were originally collected in the Bekaa Valley region of Lebanon, a part of the world that is legendary for its hash production. These cannabis strains have been sought after for their quality, and their breeding potential.

These plants, having originated, in the mountains of Lebanon are fast finishers, and will produce copious amounts of resin.

This strain is known to produce a high percentage of CBD as well as THC. Therefore this landrace strain is great meds as well.



Lebanese Landrace Cannabis

Just like many of the cannabis strains grown in that part of the world, Lebanese Landrace Cannabis strains have been grown to support hash production. This is why growers there focused on resin production rather than select bud development when selecting the individual cannabis plants for breeding purposes.

These Lebanese cannabis plants tend to be short and small with thin stalks, stunted branches, thin Sativa type leaves, copious resin production, somewhat leafy buds and a short flowering period.

These landraces have been traditionally used to make the famous Red Lebanese Hash…a hash that is known for its narcotic effect, and reddish color.

These cannabis seeds were collected in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, legendary for its hash production. These stains have been sought after for their quality, and their breeding potential.

You will find as they grow out they will give an aroma of sweet pine, in addition to a fruitiness of cherry, and mango. Many will turn a reddish, purple color upon maturation.

Many of these landrace strains tend to be very high in CBD as well as THC. Great for treating some medical conditions.

You will find a couple of phenos when growing this landrace strain, the common Christmas tree shape with a central stem and smaller side branches, or heavily branched plants that could even need support.

I grew these out myself, the plants grew vigorously, and bloomed with long Sativa like flowers along the stems.? The resin production was obvious!

Since the plant was grown in the high elevations of this mountainous region of Lebanon, it is a fast finisher and will finish outdoors in August-September. It can also be grown in a greenhouse, or indoors.






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