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9/15/21….Time to give you guys some more free seeds! I just harvested a free seed grow, that just did not produce enough seeds to fill free seed orders again. So, I am going to put a small vial (about 6-10 seeds) in every paid order while they last. This will be in addition to the freebies everyone already gets….Just another way to say thank you for being a customer.

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How the Freebie Seeds Works.

I haven’t had a contest in a while. And, I tire of the usual seed counting contests. So here is a new one…I have many plants that I am going to take to my off grid property to plant for wildlife. I made a video of them all…here is what you can do to win some great seeds…go to my YouTube video and watch the video and list all 10 of the different species of plants in a comment there on YouTube. Just list 10 guesses! I will let the contest go till someone names them all, or I get 50 attempts. You must be 18 to participate, you can only make one guess, and I will send some great seeds to the top 3 guesses. Have fun guys!

Update…7/11/21…..Well I have 25 great guesses on my contest, be sure to make your best guess!

Update…7/30/21…..I now have 33 guesses on my contest, I will be wrapping it up at 50…so give it a shot!

Update…8/13/21….Up to 43 guesses, so it is approaching the 50 guesses they will bring the contest to an end. The closest guesses (no one is 100% right yet) are going to get some awesome seeds! Why not give your best guess?

Update 9/8/21…Come on you guys, I need just a few more guesses and 3 lucky (and smart) people get some free seeds delivered to their door. I know this contest is a bit different, but give me a guess, your chances of winning are good.

Well, I am going to have to discontinue sending free seed orders for a bit. I have sent out over 60,000 free seeds, and have finally run out! This offer has been so popular, I have decided to continue it. I am doing a grow as I write this that I hope will supply me with over 100,000 seeds…..or even more!

Check out my new YouTube channel, finally getting around to adding some social media…

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