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Durban Poison Auto-Flower Regular Cannabis Seeds in a 10 pack for only $1.50 per seed! This sale will not last long….so don’t miss out!

I have put the popular auto-flower MI5 on sale for $2.50 per seed in a 10 pack. I have grown these seeds out myself, and am amazed at how big these plants can get. I have seen them pushing 4-5 ft tall, over all an impressive auto-flower for sure.

Just added a Feminized Cannabis Seed Pack, check it out! Some of the cheapest feminized cannabis seeds you will find anywhere online.

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Minimum Order of 3+ seeds

Detailed instructions on how to buy cannabis seeds from…with screenshots.

I reserve the right to substitute another strain if I run out of the cannabis strain ordered.

Germination Guarantee….Sprouting cannabis seeds is not a slam dunk for many growers. Some will have issues with germination….no matter how good the seed is.

Also, I believe at times cannabis seeds viability can be hurt during their journey from me to you. Whether it is the pressure differences on an airplane, or setting in the sun on the dash of a mailman’s vehicle, while he has lunch.

Stuff can sometimes happen, and dealing with living products can be iffy at best.

That being said I guarantee 80%-90% germination of all my cannabis seeds. If you have serious issues with germination, get back to me, we can help.

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