Glue Cookies Regular Cannabis Seed


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A high THC strain using a GG #4 female and a Girl Scout Cookies male. This is an F2, so expect quite a few phenotypes, although three very prominent phenos.  All very similar in appearance with fat frosty buds, but the aromas are difference,  Pheno 1 has a gassy fruit smell,  Pheno 2 has a strong gluey smell, and Pheno 3 doesn’t has all the smell locked within the buds. We expect very high THC levels above 30%. She is a huge yielder and VERY potent. Big, very dense and very frosty nugs makes this a keeper! The Glue Cookies strain was proudly developed by

Glue Cookies is great for pain relief, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, AIDS, stress, and ADD. Also good for PTSD.

Flowering time: 60-65 days.


Test results:

CannaMetric Profile (Lab test) 22 Nov-2017 (Outdoor crop Pheno 1)

THCA: 14.9%; Delta-9 THC: 1.3%

Total THC: 16.2%


CannaMetric Profile (Lab test) 22 Nov-2017 (Outdoor crop Pheno 2)

THCA: 19.7%; Delta-9 THC: 1.3%

Total THC: 21.0%


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