My Permaculture Food Forest Update…7/27/23

Just got back from a trip up to my property. So time for an update on a few things…

The Bear

You can read about the bear in this update…My Permaculture Food Forest Update…7/7/23

Well he has nearly broken my 4×4 post that holds up the bird feeder.

Needless to say he loves my bird blocks, and wants more. So what to do? I am going to give him more…

So I installed another bird block in the feeder, wedged it in so he won’t be able to get it easily. I put a piece of plywood to make it hard for him to access the block by climbing the pole.

I straightened the pole up, piled more rocks around it (it is not very deep in the ground)…then put two game cameras on it and left.

I am betting he will get that block and eat it. I am thinking he will simply push on the post, till he pushes it over. With two cameras on him I should see what he does, will be interesting.

My plan for the feeder, after I see what the bear does, is to simply cut the 4×4 post off just below the feeder, and suspend it from a large branch on a pine tree. This should bring an end to the bears antics, and ability to get to the game blocks.

I would love to hear what you think this bear will do. Will he get to the block, will he be able to break the 4×4 post completely, will he be able to push the post completely over, will he get the block by climbing the post again? Let me know in a comment…

The New Water Tank

I just installed a new 500 gal water tank. This is about 2 times the water the previous tote could hold….even though it may not look that way in the image. And I will be running all the irrigation off this gravity water at the bottom of the hill.

This is still pretty much a temporary install, once I have a backhoe, I will ditch everything in and make a frost free install. It is still a work in progress.

Here are a few more random images from my visit…

And, lastly, here is an image of the Granddaddy Purple cannabis plants growing there. Life is a bit rough up there for cannabis, but it is such a strong forgiving plant, these will produce some awesome seed.

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