Third order, 100% germination, robust auto seedlings, gifted the free seeds to a friend and she planted directly into her garden and she is astonished by the health and vigorous growth of her plants. You can pay much more to the boutique seed vendors, but why?


I didn’t know when to expect my order to arrive because I sent a MO instead of cash. Well, not only did it arrive in 7 days, which included going cross country from NY to WA and back to NY, but instead of the 3 seeds I ordered and the 20 promised extra seeds I actually got 4 of the Blueberry auto-flower seeds and 23 of the free ones. I immediately started to germinate a few and I will drop another line here when I see how that goes. One thing’s for sure….. this is now my go to place for my future seed purchases. (oops… I mean my future souvenir purchases)….


This is like the tenth time i have bought from Jerry. Fair prices, Plus the extras keep me coming back. A great model for doing business won’t buy from any other company’s at all. I love what my hard earned dollars gets me from!

thank you Tom Bradley


Jerry is a great guy who has been willing to answer a number of my questions with detailed answers. His seeds are excellent quality and are obviously much less expensive than on many other sites. I love his article on how to grow monster plants! I’m glad I found this site and plan on coming back every year.