Great service quick ship seeds look good. TY I’ll get some going and definitely shop again!

Sin Seng

All I can is that I’ve had the best customer experience with this company. My first hot stolen and I contacted their CS Team and “WOW”! They took care of me and my second order. I’m a customer for life. Definitely recommend ordering them.


Great place . Took about three days to get my order with mail . As soon as purchased is as soon my order was on its way . Thanks

Christopher L Elsworth

Just wanna say is the only stop you need to make if you are looking for top of the line quality ,best pricing , and friendly staff.They have always went out of their way to make sure I was happy and comfortable with what I was purchasing .Point is now I’ve got Beautiful healthy plants that was exactly the strain I wanted.i will be a repeat customer as long as there business is open thank you Jerry


Customer service was great and very helpful. I’m definitely placing another order.


Great guy, great commucation, very helpful supplying my needs for me better then I did myself. Great strains, great seeds and the plants are beautiful when they grow. I am very happy watching these ladies grow out, they grow with power you can tell they are from a very good seed strain. Quick shipping everything deserves A+++.. Thank you so much!!! I have nowhere else to go I couldn’t expect anybody doing it better. I will be back!!


This is my first grow. Learning as I go. Have not been able to sex the plant. This is week 7 of veg.
Fire OG x Blueberry Trainwreck. I like to call it Blue FOG trainwreck. Had a bit of watering scare but it has bounced back. Hoping for a female and then a successful flower, harvest dry and cure. Email if you want some pictures from passed or future of this grow. I’m planning to take some clones off this cause although it’s my first grow the genetics seem strong. Resisting pests in an environment with ants, fungus Nats and pill bugs.


Can’t say thank you enough for the free seeds. So far so good. The germination rate is beyond outstanding. Thank you so much for what you do. Be blessed.

Tori Johnson

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do.i purchased Santa Marta Gold seeds from you and Sour plums . Fast forward I’m in week 8 of flower and the seeds are holding well. Thank you for your kindness again. Plus I have extra orders of Shock Trauma. Seeds are amazing .