Received my order today, quick time on my order, i ordered 8 lowryders and got many other seeds in order to try and grow,,very happy


Got the Free seeds. So far 7 out of 10 are male plants, but the females produced such enormous buds that is just mind blowing weed, it was worth it.

Sue Shelley

Well you can’t get any better as far as I am concerned because yahoo…happy dance….I have seeds sprouted and I have been trying for a couple of years now to germinate seeds. Why I even spent $80 elsewhere on seeds and had no luck. I can’t thank you enough for the excitement including the seeds I was looking for were on sale, the care you took in our “free seed” order (AWESOME!) and the special seed order, including special bonuses. “YOU GUYS ROCK!!” 5 STAR!!!!! 🙂


Recently received my “Free seeds” order and so far so good. Great customer service. Very responsive and most importantly HONEST! I received about 24 or 25 seeds a only 1 was beat up (not in great shape) but for what I paid (shipping only) I am not complaining at all!! In fact I look forward to posting pictures of these mysterious strains and buying a lot more from Jerry. I’m in Northern California (Bay Area) and the timing i received my seeds was outstanding especially considering being in the most of a pand. THANKS JERRY!! Look forward to doing more business.



Originally ordered free seeds and when I received my order I had 7 other strains. I was the 1000th order so he hooked me up. I was excited since this is my first go around and I’m learning. I was also on a budget so the extra seeds that came through was great!! I would definitely suggest your order. The delivery was also fast and the ordering process was easy. Now let me go grow me some tree’s


. Thank you JustCannabisSeed


Super quick delivery, seamless! Excited to see how my garden grows


Wow I just got my order, that was fast. Can’t wait to get these in the ground. What a GREAT service, I’m sure I’ll be ordering more soon. Thanks.

mike elliott

5 stars. I couldn’t be happier with the service and products. This is so different than I have experienced before. I love the selection of hybrids and landraces. thank you very much.


Jerry and the staff are good, decent humans. Customer Service is awesome! I found a gem here for sure!!

Thank You!!

Raymond J.

Wow, thank you again for the second time. What a blessing. 100% Germination of my seeds from first order. I already had other seeds in veg. for a month when I added 10 of the sour autos after germination. They exploded and are as big as my veged. plants. Now, I have seeds sprouting from my second order. Best seeds I ever grew, amazing. I can’t wait to have me a toke, soon. Best seed company I have ever ordered from. Thanks for the blessing.