Dear Just Cannabis Seed Guy!

I am writing to THANK you for the wonderful seeds! I am the recently
retired teacher who has bought from most of the suppliers out there,
and yours are among the best I have tried – I will send you pictures
this weekend. Your seeds do amazing in OKLAHOMA!

Thanks so much for your generosity of the free seeds – I thought it
must be a scam, but it certainly was not! I also bought some of the
auto flower …and, you were right, they are the way to go to fill in
between the harvest of the big guys. You are one of the real good guys out
there in the industry. I use cannabis for migraines and other issues
– growing my own means I get to save money and enjoy the growing


I purchased a order on 4-2-21. I purchased about $80 worth of seeds. I received a note with my order Detailing what you thought about my order and then to my surprise without any thought I was giving a Second order of seeds . I received 1 order of your reg free seeds. And I received my regular order x 2 . I want to thank you I will be ordering again. And by the way I plant 13 seeds of Santa Marta Gold . Tajikistan Hash plant. And 3 Sour plums and they all sprouted would love to send you pic. Your service is great. Keep up the good work.

Jason K

I paid for shipping on the free seeds, and started under the assumption that there would be a few duds, and that I would only get maybe 5 or 6 seeds. The pack arrived with no outward indication of contents, and feeling through the package, I figured 5 or 6 seeds was about right. Opening the package, I was surprised to see approximately 20 seeds! So, on to germination of a sample. I dumped 3 seeds onto a damp paper towel, and placed it in a zip lock baggie in my office. 36 hours later, I was very surprised to see all 3 had cracked open, and the taproot was starting to show! I have no clue what strains these seeds are, and that’s part of the fun! I now know that all my future seed purchases will come from!!


Just got my order back yesterday , shipping was quick and while I can’t speak to quality yet since I only just put 15 in to soak today , the quantity was even better than advertised. Every strain had extra seeds more than I ordered except for the Master Orange strain ( some by X2 ) , and also had 10 seeds of a good strain that I didn’t even order in there and a large tube of free seeds also. I have no doubts that the quality genetics will be there and will leave a review after harvest comes but very happy with my order and excited to grow some of these bad boys out and get some of these genetics in my personal seed gene pool.


Tried to leave a review earlier, but it didn’t work. Trying again because this site is fantastic Super fast shipping, great service, and good looking seeds. Tried another site, but this is the only site you need. Was very surprised to see extra seeds. Trust me you will love this place You will be hooked like a lab rat on crack. Can’t say enough good things about this bank. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Will only order from here from now on. Any one looking should pull the trigger. I am extremely satisfied Thanks again

Fernando I Noyola

They arrived just on time. Can’t wait to see what blossoms. Ordering more soon.


My order was “processed” in one day from ordering. It appears to have been shipped out a few days later. Rec’d approx 10 days from placement of the order. Not bad ….. WA to VA in 10 days via USPS.
Not only did I get the order as placed, but Jerry upped its value — included extras of the seed I ordered (Blueberry Auto-flower), got another auto-flowering set of seeds free (Afghani) + a tube with the “freebies” I also ordered. Wonderful value!
I HIGHLY recommend JCS for their service! (I can’t wait to try planting and see how they grow — just wish they were feminized so wouldn’t have to check for male vs female in early growth cycle).
They have shown you can buy from them with confidence. 5/5 stars!


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Jon Richmond

Great company to buy seeds from. Great genetics for cheap!


Wasn’t sure about the Free Seed Offer but figured for $15 bux, there wasn’t much to lose. As well I threw in another $15 ($30 total) and asked to send along whatever JLE thought would produce well in my part of the world.
Didn’t go through the website to create the order but simply printed on paper, folded the Ca$h in and sent it out.
Bottom line;
10 days later and there was a small envelope in the mailbox with the Free Seed deal vial and two other vials with another couple of strains.
What’s also really nice is the packaging was discretely labeled with Nothing on the outside indicating its contents.
Perfect for a slightly paranoid anonymous 😉
Very Happy,
Thank you again JLE