Bat Guano, Do You Really Need To Buy It?

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Over the years I have bought and used many different types of fertilizers for grow cannabis.

I have spent the big money on some of the various lines of bottled ferts, as well as bat guano, worm castings, ect.

I have also used chicken manure straight from the henhouse (one of my favorites, especially for vegging cannabis plants) I have grown nearly 20 ft. tall cannabis plants using nothing else!

Another favorite of mine has been bat guano, but I am old school, and will try to not spend my hard earned money for ferts, if possible.

So here is what I do at times, with great success. And this is something that can be done in about any local.

No, I do not go look for a cave full of bats some where.

What I have done is find a place where Swallows are nesting, where I live it is the type of swallow that builds their nests out of mud. They generally nest under bridges, up under the eves of buildings, on cliffs, and places like that.

In my travels I have found an abandoned building made out of concrete, on the banks of the Columbia River.

Every year many swallows build their nests here, and raise their young.

Here is a video…

So, you simply find a place where this type of bird nests, and collect their guano.

Bird Guano

I collected about a gallon container full on this day. That may not sound like much…but a little goes a long ways!

These birds, like bats, only eat insects, this makes for a fertilizer very rich in nitrogen, and you must use it sparingly, as it can burn your plants if they are fed too much.

I use about a cup in a five gallon bucket of water.

On a side note…I happen to visit this nesting site on a day when a bird too young to fly fell from his nest.

This is generally a death sentence for one of these young birds, they are usually eaten by a predator, or simply die from lack of food and water.

But not this youngster… I scooped him up, and put him back in one of the nests. I expect he will be accepted, and life will go on for him.

Saving his life just made my day!

One more side note…in the image to the left, you can see deer tracks next to the contain of guano. When I first walked around the side of the little building there was a small mule deer buck bedded down inside! He was as surprised to see me, as I was to see him.

He quickly darted out to find a more secluded bedding spot.

I love nature, and that is a big reason for everything I am doing on my secluded mountain property creating My Permaculture Food Forest.

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