How To Buy Cannabis Seeds From With Screenshots

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Step By Step Instructions on Buying Cannabis Seeds From…With Screenshots

Hi, and thanks for placing your cannabis seed order with me. I truly appreciate it, and will strive to take care of you, every step of the buying process. I know everyone has a lot of choices when buying cannabis seeds online.

The buying system step up is pretty straight forward, but can still get confusing. First off never worry about placing an order. Once an order is placed it just sits there collecting dust, till you actually take the steps needed to send me your money.

Nothing bad will happen even if you place an order and never send me the money….the order is simply abandoned, and will be deleted.

The buying process is a series of steps the website will take you through, showing you information, and requesting your information as you follow the steps.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the buying process for cannabis seeds on

First off from any page on the site click on the ‘Weed Seed Shop’ link.

Click on Weed Seed Shop

Next, you will see, and be able to scroll through all the cannabis seed strains I offer.

Take your time reading about some of the strains, know you are being offered some of the best genetics available. You will now be able to choose a product.

If you click on the ‘add to cart’ link the product or products (some products have a minimum number you must buy) will be automatically added to your cart.

Choose a product

Alternatively, you can click on the actual image of the product to read more information on that particular product.

Click to Get More Information On This Strain

Once you are on a product page you can see the minimum number of seeds one must order (you can always add more seeds to the order, but cannot buy less than the minimum.)

You will also see the minimum you will spend (I’m all about transparency….ie I am not out to try to trick you nor take advantage of you.) If ever you need clarification just contact me.

Choose your quanity

The cart will automatically keep track as you shop and add cannabis seeds to it. You can always go to your cart and delete items if you have made a mistake.

Ordering is a very safe, and secure process. You never have to worry about any shady dealings, or you somehow doing ‘the wrong thing.’

Any order can be deleted, abandoned, or reordered….I have some people who put in 5 orders but only pay for one, the rest just get deleted.

From the product page, you can choose how many seeds you want (as long as it is the minimum number or more) and then click on the ‘add to cart’ button. Again the cart will keep track of everything for you, and you can just concentrate on your seed order.

Add to cart

You can check what you have in your cart at any time by clicking on the ‘view cart’ button.

You will be given to opportunity to delete items from your cart if you made a mistake.

After viewing your cart you can go back to the Weed Seed Shop to continue shopping if you like.

view cart

This is the ‘cart’ page. Here you can delete an item if you like by clicking on the little x to the left of the product name. You can also add a coupon code if you have one (I send my email list discount codes all the time, so you will want to sign up.)

When you are done updating your cart you will want to click on the ‘update cart’ button.


Once you are satisfied with the order in your cart, you will click on the ‘proceed to checkout’ link.

Lower cart page and proceed to checkout

It is always best to subscribe to my site (you will need a username and password) as this will keep track of your orders. And, you will only need to enter your shipping info once.

You will be presented with another opportunity to give a coupon code if you have one.

checkout page top

This screenshot is the middle of the checkout page. This again shows your order, as well as your billing, and shipping information.

check pout page middle

Now, at the bottom of the check out page, you will be able to choose the payment method you would like to use.

When you click on each of the payment options you will be presented with the information you need to use that payment option. In other words, click on ‘Direct bank/wire transfers’ and you will see my banking details, click on ‘Check or Cash In Advance Payments’ and you will see the instructions.

And the other payment options ( I will be adding some cash apps soon) will work the same way. Be sure to write down the payment information you will need for your order, before leaving this page.

payment options

Once you have chosen your payment method, and you are satisfied with your order, click on ‘I have read and agree to the website Terms and conditions.’ Then……Drum Roll… on ‘Place Order.’

place order

If you like you can leave me a note.

leave a note for me

And lastly, you will see this page. I would take a screenshot of the page, and use the order number in any communications with me pertaining to this order. You should also receive an email with all your order information.

Cash orders (the best, most discrete way to order) are generally filled the day received. Other orders are not filled until the funds have cleared my bank, which can take a few days.

order received

Bam, that is all there is to it!

In Conclusion

I hope this post helps to clear up some confusion. The ordering process is really straight forward, and nothing to worry about. Nothing bad will ever happen if you make a mistake, or even just abandon your order and never send any money.

Just relax, and enjoy browsing the cannabis seeds I have to offer, and never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Even if you just can’t figure it out, don’t know how to place an order, no worries! Just contact me and I will take your order via email.

I want you to buy my seeds and become a satisfied customer, and I will help make that happen every step of the way.

11 thoughts on “How To Buy Cannabis Seeds From With Screenshots

  1. ORDER NUMBER 17415
    CASH APP $missjean1
    ordering for Christmas gift
    what kind of light does he needs for indoors basement growing

    1. Awesome William, I think any cannabis loving person would love cannabis seeds as a present! I requested the funds for your order on cashapp, thanks much! As far as lights for indoor growing I would recommend LED’s, cheaper to buy, run, and less heat then HPS, and HID. I have bought a few from Amazon that have been working well for me…here is a link to one of them…
      Amazon also carries many other manufactures of LED’s as well.

  2. My order is on hold. I’ve sent you info by email to charge me. No one replied. Please respond.

    1. We have talked several times Helen. I just answered you again today??

  3. My phone service sucks where I live I have wifi though if you can email me a code I would pay the 15 shipping . Thank you .
    Philip Gray

  4. I sent a check, I hope this works.

    1. If it gets to me it will. It is always best to send it with tracking enabled, although I have never lost a payment in the mail yet.

  5. I can t get bank card to work I want to put in orders

    1. Hi Edward, please contact me via the contact email to discuss ordering. Here is a link…contact

  6. Thank you for the work you do…I’ve tried to order several times using a card but always messaged declined..ill try the cash method …really want to get my hands on the Lebanese & the Columbian so I’ll try this again &see what goes… thanks have a good rest of the day

    1. Right, you have to use a card in junction with one of the cash apps, like PayPal.

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