The First Time I Smoked Pot….Wow!

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Guest Post From Cody, Thanks Cody

The first time for anything just kind of sticks with you.

That is especially so when it comes to the first time anyone or mostly anyone ( I’ve some friends tell me that they couldn’t remember their first time.) tries grass for their first time.

I love cannabis, but honestly my first time with lovely lady Mary Jane was a nightmare.

I had just turned 18 and I was really interested in trying pot.

I thought maybe my friend Alex could help because of the stories he had told me about his older brother being able to get the best stuff. I thought they were just stories because he talked a lot, but I gave it a shot.

What do you know, he delivered.

Alex gave me a call later that day and told me he had it, and to come over with my half of the money because we split it 30/30 for an 8th of bud. (60 bucks an 8th here in the north. My head still can’t rap my head around the prices up here.)

Anyway, so cash in my pocket I walked the 9 blocks from my house to his house almost skipping with excitement.

When I got to his house, we went straight to his living room which was in the basement, and he presented me the weed. I grabbed it and inspected not even knowing what to look for because this was truly the first time seeing buds up close and personal.

The buds were beautiful.

Cone shaped Christmas trees with red hairs. Northern Lights was the strain according to my friend.

He asked me if I had something to smoke out of. I looked at him with a dumb look which he recognized and said nevermind and that he had a pop can. At that I thought maybe he hadn’t smoked as much as he said he did, but whatever.

He found one, pulled a tack off a board on the wall, and started poking holes in the can. While he was doing that, I broke up the weed, like he told me to do. Then we smoked.

I remember that it hit me right away.

I felt like my head had turned into an elevator, and it shot up like a bullet which made me super paranoid, and started getting the helicopter spins.

I thought there were choppers outside, and the police were coming to get me.

Then Alex’s dog started barking in my face, as if yelling at me that I was in big trouble. ( I kept thinking the dog was barking at me, but really he was laying quietly behind me.

I know it was because my whole life, I tried to be as good as possible, and my subconscious mind told me had just done something that school taught me was just as bad as raping and murdering a baby.)

Cannabis can be a bit ‘edgy’ the first time you get high.

My friend asked me if I was alright and I explained my situation. He tried to calm me down the best that he could and it worked a little until I started thinking about how my friend had said that his grandma was not going to be home until later that day ( He lived with his grandma.)

Which got me thinking that maybe she could be home earlier than expected. 3 am in the morning. No one in there right mind would worry about a grandma coming home at 3 in the morning from a trip out of town. But? ? I wasn’t in my right mind.

My world was fucked, flipped, turned upside down. I knew that no one or anything could help me and that I had to ride it out.

I rode out the nightmare, then passed out.

Next thing I remember is waking up feeling refreshed. Better than new, and walked home.

I learned a lot from that experience. No one should smoke a potent strain for their first time! You need to not to take life too seriously because it will weigh heavy on the mind.

My first time smoking marijuana was also my first bad trip.

Also, it wasn’t like the movies like so many others as well as myself expected it to be.

Fast forward to today…..I have nothing but good trips now!

That’s my story.
With hope and peace to the universe,

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