KickAss White OG


Minimum Order of 3 Seeds…$19.50

KickAss White OG is an F1 cross of The White X OG Kush. This is a very Indica Dominate hybrid, that is sure to please those that love their Indicas!

This strain was grown out by my brother, who also bred the popular F1 strain BadAss BB’s that I have for sale.

The White, which is believed to have been developed in Florida USA, was originally called “Triangle”.

It can produce some many white trichomes it can look like the bud was rolled in sugar.

One notable characteristic of The White is it’s lack of smell or flavor.

One other notable characteristic is it’s potency! Much like the other half of this cross the well known OG Kush cannabis strain.

Get ready for supreme couch lock, and serious meds for insomnia!

If you decide to give KickAss White OG a try….I want images, and reports of the grow! I cannot wait to grow this one out myself.






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