Cannabis Plants Grown From The Free Seed Offer

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Beautiful Bud From a Free Seed Order
Beautiful Bud From a Free Seed Order

Hi, a quick post to share a few images of some plants that were grown out from seed in the free cannabis seed offer. I know many think this is some kind of scam, but I assure you it is not. It is just my way of giving back a bit to the cannabis community.

There really is no reason for a seed bank to not to have an offer like this, the big no-name Sativa I grew out produced over 50,000 seeds.

I enjoy giving folks a great deal, I tend to spoil my customers….why? Because I want all my customers to be repeat customers. Many have said they have found their forever favorite seed bank.

I grow many of my own seeds that I sell onsite.

If I buy seeds and grow the plants out to produce seed, and the plants end up being photo-type plant when they are supposed to be auto-flowers, or an auto-flowering plant when they are supposed to be a photo-type plant… the free seed jar they go.

All the seeds in the free seed jar are fresh as well, and I have gotten many reports of 100% germination of these seeds.

These pictures are from people who have gotten a free seed order and grew them out, be aware that your results could be different as growing expertise comes into play as well.

All cannabis growers are not created equal….some thumbs are very green.

And Ashley’s thumb is very green.

Most of the images are from her grows, and you can see some of the phenotypes from the big Sativa are awesome. Well crystallized, and impressive.

You simply do not have to spend a ton of your hard-earned money to grow some great plants, and it gives you a cheap way to find out just how legit I am. You will not be disappointed.

Order the Free Cannabis Seed Order and you can grow plants like these as well!

Anyways, without farther ado, here are those images….

The images below were sent to me by Ashley. She grew all these plants from the seed in a free seed offer. Ashleys’ thumb is obviously green! I think those are some pretty nice plants for a $15.00 investment. The Sativa genetics in the mix can produce beautiful results!

And, here are some plants I grew to produce some of the seed in a free seed order. Keep in mind that seeded buds do not attain the size of unseeded or sinsemilla buds. So if these plants were grown for seedless bud they could stack on much more flower weight.

All of these are auto-flower cannabis, with names like Gorilla Glue, Afghani, White Widow, Amnesia, Sour Diesel, Bubba Kush, Blue Dream. I grow them out and don’t get a male. I suspect seed banks have begun to sell feminized seed as regular seed. When I don’t get a male these strains become crossed, and I don’t want to sell them as an auto cross, so in the free cannabis seed jar they go. My loss is your gain!

22 thoughts on “Cannabis Plants Grown From The Free Seed Offer

  1. How do I place an order for the free seeds?

    1. You just add them to your cart Michael. I charge $15.00 for shipping and handling, and you will get about 20-30 free seeds of various strains that I have grown out and didn’t want to sell retail. You can read about some of the genetics involved on that page….Free Seed Offer.

  2. Are all the seeds autos ?

    1. No, I go into detail on the genetics of the seeds in a free seed order on the product page. They are a mix of autos, and photo seeds.

  3. I have to say I have gotten the best looking flowers out of the free seed offer. It has been unreal. I also love the fact that Mr. Lindenburger is so involved and truly cares about us as a community. I am old school so customer service is a must. I have a few pictures I took with some products from the free seeds and some that were picked by yours truly. I want to thank you again for your outstanding customer service and paying attention to detail. I can honestly say that I wont be doing my shopping anywhere else. I appreciate the little goodie bags that come in your special packages that I wait ever so patiently for it to arrive. You will be hearing from me more often. Your plethora of knowledge and that you are willing to share shows allot about your character. My husband is a disabled vet and my son is 19 and was just deployed to Okinawa, Japan and then off to South Korea. So this is helping our family in more ways then you know. Thank you again!

    1. You are welcome Sara, your comment is such an upper to me. I am about much more than simply making a buck. Alot of seed banks are so big, and so expensive that many folks have a hard time scaping up enough money, then you wait for over a month to get the seeds….if they even show up. I want to give those people who look at $10 seeds and know there is no way….a chance to grow some great plants for only $15.00.

      And, I get emails from amazed customers that wonder how I was able to get there seeds to them in just a couple days.

      Hey send me some great bud pictures if you have any.

  4. I must admit, I thought this free cannabis seed offer must be some kind of scam. But, I was wrong, I got 28 seeds in my free seed order. Completely legit! I will be ordering again, and again. Thanks for becoming my go-to cannabis seed bank!

  5. hello im jefsten andbim 67 I have dementia and im just starting out to grow i was wounderingbif you’d be able to send just autos for the free seeds I know you said that there mixed but I’d like to try autos as my first grow thanks you kindly if you can not do that is there anyway I can do something for you to send me them

    1. I’ll do this for you Jef, put in an order for the free seeds for 15 bucks, remind me in an email I told you this (just go to my contact page on the site and use that email) then I will include a few of my best-selling auto seeds for you to try.Just send me pictures of the flowers you grow.

  6. Hi I can get seeds for 15 bucks thanks

    1. Yep, just put in your order, and then get the funds to me. I have sent out hundreds of those orders, a great way to hone your cannabis growing skills, before spending much of your hard earned money. These seeds are actually some great genetics, check out some of them that other customers grew out. Best deal you will find for free cannabis seeds online I would think.

  7. Just received my free order and to my surprise it came and it showed up fast! I am super excited to get growing. will post pics when harvested. I truly appreciate the deal, will be sending my friends to the site.

    1. Enjoy Richard!

  8. Just got my seeds in the mail today, 20 healthy looking seeds! I dropped a few today as a test run, if they look good I’m dropping the rest next week! Excited to say the least lol

  9. Amazing price. I was paying $95 dollars for 5 seeds and not being an expert grower some plants didn’t make it so that money and time was lost. I found just cannabis seeds and ordered the free seeds. Absolutely worth it now I have freedom to grow and get better at my hobby. Thank you so much.

  10. Are the free seeds still going on?

    1. I am still filling orders if someone orders the free seeds, but not in every paid order for the time being. I will do that again as I grow and have more seeds available.

  11. Iā€™m a try it and get back with yall

  12. Just put my order in & Can’t wait, I saw the email on the offer and just cant resist and I’m reading your website & Can’t Believe it! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Rene, I will watch for your order. šŸ™‚

  13. Please send me free seeds please

    1. Sorry, I am about out of those….Everything I sell is pretty cheap, just put in an order.

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