Santa Marta Colombian Gold Cannabis Strain Review

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Cannabis Sativa Flower

Santa Marta Colombian Gold is seriously old school marijuana. Colombia Gold is a Sativa landrace cultivar developed years ago in the Santa Marta Mountains of Columbia in South America. As a matter of fact, this strain is closely related to the famous Acapulco Gold.

The Gold cannabis strain is a near pure Sativa with a calming, yet energizing, cerebral high, that will have you coming back for more. Some say it has a skunky taste, while others have said it tastes of lemons or limes.

This strain has been bred, inbred, and cultivated for 100’s of years by the local growers in the Santa Marta Mountains. They have created one of the most stable strains on the market. The strain has been half of many hybrids over the years, just as I hybridized it with Jedi Glue.

It is a big beautiful plant that grows vigorously, with big tight buds that are covered with trichomes. So many trichomes that it comes in at about 19% THC.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold cannabis high produces giggles, chattiness, and improves mood and concentration. The strain is great for treating depression, stress, PTSD, nausea, anxiety, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and even seizures. The high finishes with a mild sedation which can bring on a restful sleep.

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